Incheon International Airport Station

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Incheon International Airport Station
Korean name
Revised Romanization Incheongukjegonghangnyeok
McCune–Reischauer Inch'ŏngukchegonghangnyŏk
Airport Cargo Terminal Terminus
Station number A10
Address 2851 Unseo-dong,
271 Gonghangno,
Jung-gu, Incheon
Date opened March 23, 2007[1]
Type Underground
Platforms/tracks 1 / 2
Operator Korail Airport Co.

Incheon International Airport Station is a railway station on AREX. It is in Incheon International Airport's transport center and currently the terminus. Since June 2014, KTX operates from this station with stops at Geomam Station and Seoul Station towards Busan and Gwangju. In September 2014 it will become a transfer station with the Incheon Airport Maglev.

AREX has 10 stations and it also divided into two lines, one is normal and the other is express. For the normal line, the train will stop in every single station. In others, the express line will only stop in Incheon International Airport Station and Seoul Station.

  • Fare:[2] Direct train: 8,000 won/adult, 6,900 won/kids (Its original full fare was 14,300 won however thanks to special offer) we can use train with that fare. Normal train: it depend on the distance, but from Seoul Station to Incheon International Airport Station is 3,950 won.

Station layout[edit]

G Street level Exit
Lobby Customer Service, Shops, Vending machines, ATMs
Platform level
Eastbound AREX Local toward Seoul (Incheon Int'l Airport Cargo Terminal)
AREX Express toward Seoul (Terminus)
Island platform, doors will open on the left, right
Eastbound AREX Local toward Seoul (Incheon Int'l Airport Cargo Terminal)
AREX Express toward Seoul (Terminus)


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Preceding station   Seoul Metropolitan Subway   Following station
toward Seoul
AREX Terminus

Coordinates: 37°26′51″N 126°27′09″E / 37.44745°N 126.45253°E / 37.44745; 126.45253