Indonesian Democratic Vanguard Party

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This article is about the new political party. For the New Order PDI, see Indonesian Democratic Party.
Indonesian Democratic Vanguard Party
Partai Penegak Demokrasi Indonesia
Chairman Mentik Budiwiyono
Secretary-General Joseph William Lea Wea
Founded 10 January 2003
Headquarters Jakarta
Ideology Pancasila
Ballot number
DPR Seats 0
Politics of Indonesia
Political parties

The Indonesian Democratic Vanguard Party (Indonesian: Partai Penegak Demokrasi Indonesia) is a political party in Indonesia. At the last legislative elections, 5 April 2004, the party won 0.8% of the popular vote and 1 out of 550 seats.

It is a continuation of Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI), one of the two state-approved parties during the New Order. After the PDI failed to achieve enough votes in the 1999 legislative elections to qualify for the 2004 elections, it changed its name to the Indonesian Democratic Vanguard Party (PDI Party)[1] In 2004 it won one seat. The party contested the 2009 legislative election, but won only 0.13 percent of the vote, less than the 2.5 percent electoral threshold, thereby losing its only seat in the People's Representative Council.[2][3]


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