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Henri Jacques Daniel Paul François (16 May 1920 – 25 November 2003), known as Jacques François was a French actor.

Selected filmography[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2001 Fifi Martingale
1996 My Man
North Star
1991 Triplex
1983 Papy fait de la résistance
1982 Le Père Noël est une ordure
Le Cadeau
A Thousand Billion Dollars
1979 Seven Days in January
1978 La Zizanie
1977 Sorcerer
1976 The Toy
1975 Section spéciale
1973 The Day of the Jackal
1972 Plot
1955 The Grand Maneuver
To Paris with Love
1953 South of Algiers
1952 Three Women
1951 Encore
Edward and Caroline
1950 Pact with the Devil