Japanese warship Banryū

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Name: Banryū
General characteristics
Displacement: 370 long tons (376 t)
Length: 41.8 m (137 ft 2 in)
Beam: 5.45 m (17 ft 11 in)
Draught: 3.23 m (10 ft 7 in)
Propulsion: Steam engine
Sail plan: Schooner
Armament: 6 × 12-pounder cannon

The Japanese warship Banryū (蟠龍?) was a ship of the Bakufu Navy, and subsequently belonged to the troops loyal to the Shogun during the Boshin War in Japan in 1868. Banryū was originally built in England as a schooner, where she had been named Emperor. She had a length of 41.8 metres, a breadth of 5.45 metres, a draught of 3.23 metres, and weighed 370 tons. She was armed with six 12-pounder bronze cannons.

Banryū participated in the Naval Battle of Awa, Japan's first engagement between two modern fleets, on January 28, 1868.

She was also dispatched to participate to the Naval Battle of Miyako Bay in March 1869, but had to return to Hokkaido after being damaged in bad weather.

During the Naval Battle of Hakodate Bay in May 1869, Banryū managed to sink one of the Imperial navy's warships, the Chōyō. She sank in turn slightly later due to heavy damage.

Banryū destroying the Imperial warship Chōyō in the 1869 Naval Battle of Hakodate Bay.