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Jay Diamond
Born (1951-03-14) March 14, 1951 (age 63)
United StatesU.S.

Jay Diamond is a former American talk radio host from the Manhattan Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn who began his move to the mic by being a frequent caller to other radio programs, especially New York City's popular Bob Grant.

His last scheduled broadcast was in Boston, Massachusetts, his Jay Diamond Show appearing on WRKO until 2005. Before that, he broadcast for several years in New York City, first on WABC (then home to Bob Grant, who at the time considered Diamond a sort of protégé), then on WEVD, and finally WOR. He has a Facebook page.

He is a voice impressionist and has given short radio plays performed by "The Mighty Diamond Art Players," all of whom are himself. One of his famous impersonations was of Al Sharpton. Diamond also parodied the speaking style of other New York City politicians, such as then-Governor Mario Cuomo and former Mayor Ed Koch.

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