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Jay Frank Rosenberg (April 18, 1942 in Chicago IL – February 21, 2008 in Chapel Hill NC) was a Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He was a student of Wilfrid Sellars and established his reputation with ten books and over 80 articles in metaphysics, epistemology, the philosophy of language, and the history of philosophy (especially Kant). His most commercially successful work, The Practice of Philosophy: A Handbook for Beginners, is a standard text in introductory philosophy courses, and has been translated into German.

Rosenberg's first publication, which he wrote as an undergraduate at Reed College, was The Impoverished Students' Book of Cookery, Drinkery, and Housekeepery!. That delightful little book has been republished and is available from the Reed College bookstore. Also while at Reed, Rosenberg was a keen observer and commenter of the tabletop game Empire, though he never played.

Rosenberg won about $50,000 on the television game show Jeopardy! in 1985 and returned for the program's Ultimate Tournament of Champions.


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