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This article is about the bookbinder. For the 17th century French astronomer, see Jean Picard.

Jean Picard was a French bookbinder and bookseller. He was active in the 1540s.

Picard is best known for having bound many books for the bibliophile Jean Grolier. The British Library has a number of books which are catalogued as having been bound by Picard for Grolier around 1540 in Paris.[1]

Some of Picard's bindings are on books in the celebrated editions of the classics by the Aldine Press, which was based in Venice. After the founder of the press Aldus Manutius died in 1515, his family kept the firm running for the rest of the sixteenth century. Picard managed the Parisian agency of the Aldine Press until 1547 when he encountered financial problems and fled his creditors.


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