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Jenna Wade
DALLAS character
Portrayed by Morgan Fairchild (1978)
Francine Tacker (1980)
Priscilla Beaulieu Presley (1983-88)
Duration 1978, 1980, 1983-1988
First appearance October 7, 1978
Old Acquaintance
Last appearance May 13, 1988
The Fat Lady Singeth
Created by David Jacobs
Occupation Former Owner of Jenna's Boutique
Former Waitress at Bob's
Former Fashion editor of High Life magazine

Jenna Krebbs (nee Wade; formerly Marchetta) was a fictional character in the popular American television series Dallas, played most notably by Priscilla Presley from 1983 to 1988. Jenna was also briefly played by Morgan Fairchild in 1978 and Francine Tacker in 1980.


The character of Jenna was originally played by Morgan Fairchild for one episode in 1978 and then played by Francine Tacker for two episodes in 1980. When Jenna was brought back in 1983, the part was recast for second time, this time played by Priscilla Presley. Before her debut, Priscilla described the character, "Jenna is her own woman. She's extremely self-reliant, she's lived in Europe and has a child. Just like me. Except that she's a bit more sophisticated than me. She has a lot of integrity, she's totally honest. I like her. How could I help but identify with her?".[1]


Jenna was Bobby Ewing's first true love. Jenna's father, Lucas Wade, was an oilman and associate of Jock Ewing. Jenna lived on her father's ranch, which was about three miles from Southfork. Bobby would often ride over to visit her as a kid. Years before Bobby met Pam, Jenna was engaged to Bobby but ditched him at the altar when she ran off to Italy and married Italian count Renaldo Marchetta. Jenna subsequently gave birth to a daughter, Charlotte (nicknamed "Charlie") and, for years, she never revealed who was Charlie's biological father.


Jenna (played by Morgan Fairchild) reappeared in Bobby's life in 1978 when her affair with Maynard Anderson, a married politician and business associate of Jock and J.R. Ewing, ended and she needed a friend to turn to. Jenna introduced Bobby to her daughter Charlie and he believed he was the father, however Jenna denied this when confronted by Pam.[2] In 1980, Jenna, still in Dallas (now played by Francine Tacker), has an unexpected encounter with Bobby and renews their friendship while Pam is away in Paris. During this brief time, Bobby was tempted to sleep with Jenna.[3] Bobby and Jenna (Priscilla Beaulieu Presley) reconnected in 1983 and they began seeing each other after Bobby's marriage to Pam ended. Bobby's brother, J.R. always liked Jenna and was very supportive of her relationship with Bobby. Once again, Bobby wanted to know who the father of Charlie was and Jenna confessed that Marchetta was Charlie's father. Nonetheless, Jenna and Bobby got engaged in 1984, but she once again jilted him on the wedding day to remarry Marchetta, this time against her will and under threat. The pair were tracked down to a hotel were Marchetta was found shot dead and Jenna holding the gun. She was accused of Marchetta's murder but this was resolved, and she again became engaged to Bobby. Bobby eventually broke up with her to remarry his ex-wife Pam.

During the "Dream Season", Jenna had a brief relationship with Bobby's cousin Jack but this was cut short as Jenna became mentally unstable due to Bobby's death. Later, Jenna received counseling to help her accept Bobby's death and also ended her differences with Pam.

In 1986, Jenna became pregnant with Bobby's child; however, Bobby had reunited with Pam. Ray told Bobby during his and Pam's wedding that Jenna was pregnant with his child. This caused problem between him and Bobby, especially after Jenna and Charlie moved in with Ray. In 1987, she gave birth to Bobby's son, Lucas, named after her father. Jenna later married Bobby's half-brother Ray Krebbs. Ray adopted Lucas and raised him with Jenna despite Bobby being the father. The next year, after problems with the now-teenage Charlie, Jenna escorted Charlie to Europe to attend boarding school. After returning to Dallas, she and Ray decided to relocate permanently to Switzerland to be away from the drama of the Ewings.

Dallas (2012 TV series)[edit]

Since Ray's return to the show, there has been no mention to date of Jenna, Charlie or Bobby's biological son, Lucas.



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