Jesse Colin Young

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Jesse Colin Young
Jesse Colin Young.png
Jesse Colin Young in 1973
Background information
Born (1941-11-22) November 22, 1941 (age 72)
Queens, New York
Occupations Lead vocalist, guitarist
Years active 1960s–present
Associated acts The Youngbloods

Jesse Colin Young is an American singer / songwriter / folksinger and a founding member of the group The Youngbloods.

Early life[edit]

Young was born Perry Miller and raised in Queens and attended fourth grade with Art Garfunkel.[1] His mother was a violinist[1] and his father was an accountant with a strong interest in classical music. When he was 15 years old, Young received a scholarship to Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, and was later expelled.[2]


During the 1960s, while living in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan, Young released two solo albums, The Soul of a City Boy and Young Blood. He then formed the group called The Youngbloods which included guitarist Jerry Corbitt, keyboardist/guitarist Lowell "Banana" Levinger, and drummer Joe Bauer. Their first album contained the song "Get Together", written by Chet Powers, which was re-released as a single in 1969. Young and his band, founded Raccoon Records, and released four additional albums on it.[2]

Young left the group in 1972 and released a solo album called Together. His fourth solo album, Song for Juli, had four singles and remained on the Billboard Top 200 chart for several months. In 1978, Jesse recorded the album American Dreams, which was followed by the album The Perfect Stranger in 1982. In 1987 he released the album The Highway Is for Heroes.[2]

He continued touring and re-formed the Youngbloods band before going back to a solo recording career in 1987.[2] In 1993 he began his own recording company called Ridgetop Music.[2]


In September 1979 Young performed in the "No Nukes" concert.[2]

His house in Inverness, California, was destroyed in the Mount Vision fire in 1995.[3] Young, his wife and their two children maintained a coffee plantation in Hawaii.[2]

In a May 26th 2014 exclusive interview with Music Journalist Ray Shasho, Jesse Colin Young talks about his longtime struggles with Lyme disease ...“We had moved to Hawaii in 1995 after our house burnt down in California, and we had lost everything except the studio. So when I started to get kind of crazy and have anxiety and depression in that first year in Hawaii, my therapist said maybe you’d better take some medication for the anxiety and depression, so they put me on some antidepressants and nobody even thought about Lyme disease. So I took the medications until I moved here to South Carolina, and to my wife’s hometown. She went to a family funeral in Ohio and she came back with this pamphlet from one of her cousins who was an Internist working with ILADS (International Lyme And Associated Diseases Society). The pamphlet ended up in the kitchen and I opened it up one day and started reading all the symptoms and thought … Good God, this sounds like my biography … maybe I have Lyme disease? And here I had my wife’s cousin who was working at ILADS. I called her up and asked who should I see and she said Dr. Richard Horowitz. So I flew up to New York and was diagnosed with Lyme’s. Richard put me on heavy antibiotics and began to get my brain back, my thinking, and a lessening of all those anxiety and panic attacks. It was like getting my life back.” “After I had been treated it did not show up in a Western blot which is a common blood test for Lyme disease. Mine did not show up positive until I had my first month of antibiotics. My first Western blot showed up negative. It was so small that one of my doctors said it was negative and not positive … and that’s one of the problems with diagnosing Lyme’s. Dr. Horowitz sat me down for a couple of hours and listened to my whole story. I really never talked about this in an interview before, but I think it’s really important because there are people out there who are suffering and have no idea why.”



Album Release Date Chart
The Soul of a City Boy April 1964 172
Young Blood March 1965
Together March 25, 1972 157
Song for Juli October 6, 1973 51
Light Shine April 20, 1974 37
Songbird March 22, 1975 26
On the Road March 27, 1976 34
Love on the Wing April 2, 1977 64
American Dreams December 9, 1978 165
The Perfect Stranger 1982 --
The Highway is for Heroes 1987 --
Makin' It Real 1993 --
Swept Away 1994 --
Sweetwater 1996 --
Walk The Talk 2001 --
Living in Paradise 2004 --
Celtic Mambo 2006 --


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