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Jim Eldridge is a radio, TV and movie scriptwriter with hundreds of radio and TV scripts broadcast in the UK and across the world in a career spanning over 30 years.

Eldridge is the creator and writer of radio shows including Parsley Sidings, King Street Junior, Crosswords, Albert and Me and The Demon Headmaster. On TV, he has created children's science fiction drama Powers and Time of My Life, and written for The Ghost Hunter, Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde and Up the Elephant and Round the Castle, in addition to other TV and radio series.

He has had 80 books published, which have sold over a million copies.[1]


Awards won[edit]

Royal Television Society 1988

Best Children’s TV drama series for Bad Boyes (co-written with Duncan Eldridge)

Writer's Guild Award

Best Light Entertainment Show (Radio) 1973 for co-writing Lines from My Grandfather's Head (starring Ronnie Barker).

Award nominations[edit]

Rose d'Or (Montreux) 1998

Shortlist for Best Situation Comedy for Upwardly Mobile (RTÉ - 1997)

Prix Danube (Bratislava) 1999

Best Children’s Drama for Whizziwig: Double Trouble

Chicago International Festival Of Children's Films 1999

Short Children’s Film/Video (Live Action Category) for Whizziwig: Double Trouble

BAFTA 1989

Best Children’s TV Series for Bad Boyes

Sony Award 1988

Radio comedy for King Street Junior

Writers Guild (UK) 1991

For King Street Junior

Writers Guild (UK) 1992

For King Street Junior

Sunday Times Literary Award 1987

For “Save our Planet - an anti-nuclear guide for teenagers” (1986).


"Warpath" Series[edit]

  • Warpath 1: Tank Attack
  • Warpath 2: Deadly Skies
  • Warpath 3: Behind Enemy Lines
  • Warpath 4: Depth Charge Danger
  • Warpath 7: Night Bomber
  • Warpath 8: Island Of Fear
  • Warpath 9: Beach Assault

“My Story” Series[edit]

  • My Story: The Trenches (2002)
  • My Story: Armada (2002)
  • My Story: Flying Ace (2003)
  • My Story: Spy Smuggler (2004)
  • My Story: Desert Danger (2005)


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