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for the actor see John Eldredge (actor)
John Eldredge
Born (1960-06-06) June 6, 1960 (age 54)
Los Angeles, U.S.
Occupation author

John Eldredge (Los Angeles, June 6, 1960) is an American author, counselor, and lecturer on Christianity. He is known for his bestselling book Wild at Heart.

Life and work[edit]

Eldredge describes himself, "I’m 51. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My wife Stasi and I have three sons. My graduate degree is in counseling. Professionally, I’m a writer and a speaker. I don’t pastor. I’m not a preacher. I don’t have a church that I lead."[1]

While living in Los Angeles Eldredge was looking for a "worldview." After exploring other religions, Eastern mysticism, Lao-Tzu, and New Age spirituality, he discovered the writings of Francis Schaeffer, whom he calls one of the best philosophers of the 20th century. Through Schaeffer, Eldredge came to Christ and later to the church. He eventually got a master's degree in counseling and practiced in Colorado Springs before working for Focus on the Family, where he served as Senior Fellow for Christian Worldview.[2]

John received his undergraduate degree in theater from California Polytechnic University (Pomona) and his MA in biblical counseling from Colorado Christian University under the direction of Dr. Larry Crabb and Dr. Dan Allender. Prior to joining Focus on the Family in 1988,[3] John served for five years on the staff of Sierra Madre Congregational Church in Southern California.

In July 2000, John left Focus on the Family, where he worked for 12 years, to launch Ransomed Heart Ministries. John travels extensively in the U.S. and abroad.[4] John, his wife, Stasi, and their three sons live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.[5] In addition to publishing many books, he has produced three videos: Risky Business: A Look at Gambling, Whatever Happened to Marriage?: A Look at Divorce, and Created Different?: A Look at Homosexuality.[2]

Authored books[edit]


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