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John Feffer
Education Haverford College

John Feffer is an author and currently co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies.[1] He is a fellow at the Open Society Foundations.[2] His books include Crusade 2.0, (City Lights, 2012), a description of contemporary attacks on Islam, North Korea/South Korea: US Policy and the Korean Peninsula, a description of current U.S. policy towards Korea and its limitations, Power Trip, a narrative of American unilateralism during the George W. Bush administration, and Living in Hope, a description of creative responses by local communities to the challenges of globalization.

Feffer also wrote the plays The Pundit and The Politician,[2] both of which were performed at the 2013 Washington's Capital Fringe Festival.[2]

His articles frequently appear on The Huffington Post.

Awards and Fellowships[edit]

  • Herbert W. Scoville Fellowship (1988)[3]

Written Works[edit]


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