Young Democrats (Netherlands)

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Young Democrats
Jonge Democraten
Chairperson Noa Vickers
Treasurer Martin van Montfort
Secretary General Bas Hazeborg
Founded 1984
Headquarters Hoge Nieuwstraat 30, The Hague
Ideology Social liberalism
Mother party Democrats 66
International affiliation International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY)
European affiliation European Liberal Youth (LYMEC)

The Young Democrats (Dutch: Jonge Democraten, JD) is the social-liberal youth organisation of the Netherlands, founded in 1984. With over 5000 members it's the largest non-Christian political youth organisation of the Netherlands.[1] Although independent, the Young Democrats are affiliated with the Dutch social-liberal party Democrats 66 (D66).


According to the Declaration of Principles, the Young Democrats are a liberal-democratic youth organisation. The main objective of the Young Democrats is to contribute to the individual development of every person. Core values of the Young Democrats are liberty, equality, solidarity, sustainability and pragmatism. Also, the Young Democrats are in favour of radical democratisation of society.


  • The Young Democrats advocate preparing the Netherlands for the consequences of an ageing society. They suggest increasing labour participation by reforming social security. JD is in favour of gradually raising the age at which people become eligible to receive the state pension to 67 years of age from the current age of 65.
Young Democrat (r) and D66 MEP Sophie in 't Veld campaigning in favour of the European Constitution
  • The Young Democrats are in favour of ending the right of faith-based schools to refuse enrolment by pupils on the basis of religion.
  • The Young Democrats are supporters of gradually phasing out tax breaks for home owners paying interest on a mortgage.
  • The Young Democrats are staunch defenders of civil liberties. They continue to support liberal reforms attained by D66 in the past in areas such as euthanasia, gay marriage, abortion and the legalisation of prostitution. The JD also wishes to see the production of softdrugs legalised.
  • The Young Democrats oppose counter-terrorism measures that are not both proportional and that have proven their effectiveness. In particular, JD opposes current legislation obliging citizens to be able to prove their identity at any time. JD rejects a ban on the wearing of the burqa in public spaces.
  • The Young Democrats are in favour of reforming the electoral system of the Netherlands to enable direct elections for the officer charged with forming a governing coalition at the national level and to enable mayoral elections at the local level.
  • The Young Democrats are in favour of more investments in renewable energy sources and fully support the Kyoto Protocol. The JD is not opposed to nuclear energy, as it contributes to cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The Young Democrats champion further European integration towards a Federal Europe. The Young Democrats wish to see more European cooperation on immigration, defence and foreign policy.
  • The Young Democrats are strong supporters of international law and human rights.


Within the Young Democrats power lies with the members. The Congress is the sovereign body of the Young Democrats and meets twice a year in spring and autumn. During the Congress members of the National Board are elected individually and JD policy is decided through resolutions, amendments and motions. All members have equal say through the one man, one vote system.

National Board[edit]

The day-to-day management of the Young Democrats is in the hands of the National Board, the members of which are:

  • President: Dirkjan Tijs
  • Vice-president: Tom Brouwers
  • Secretary General: Bas Hazeborg
  • Treasurer: Martin van Montfort
  • Political Officer: Hanna Hekkert
  • Events Officer: Marjolein Niewijk
  • Press Officer: Arnout Maat
  • Promotions Officer: Mark Ottema
  • International Officer: Milan Assies

Local branches[edit]

Currently the Young Democrats have ten local branches. Most branches are based in university cities, such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Leiden. Every branch has a local board and organises regular general meetings where local board members are elected and policy is decided. Every local member has the right to vote at the local general meetings.

International ties[edit]

The Young Democrats are part of a worldwide family of social-liberal youth organisations. Some examples are the Danish Social Liberal Youth, the Liberal Youth of Sweden, the Young Liberals of Norway, the Flemish , the British Liberal Youth and the Young Liberals of Canada. The Young Democrats often work closely with their international sister organisations.

The Young Democrats of the Netherlands, together with the Youth Organisation Freedom and Democracy (JOVD), are members of both the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) and the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY). Young Democrat Bart Woord was the president of the IFLRY Bureau from November 2009 to November 2010. Currently, from November 2010, Ivo Thijssen is the representative of the LYMEC Bureau in the IFLRY Bureau.

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