José Trajano Mera

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José Trajano Mera
Born José Trajano Mera Iturralde
Ambato, Ecuador
Died 1919 (1920) (aged 57)
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Occupation Poet, Playwright, Diplomat
Nationality Ecuadorian

José Trajano Mera Iturralde (Ambato, 1862 - Guayaquil, 1919) was an Ecuadorian poet, playwright and diplomat from a literary family with a cultural lineage.[1] His father was the writer Juan Leon Mera[2] who wrote Ecuador's first novel Cumanda and the text of the Ecuadorian National Anthem.

He earned a degree in jurisprudence from the Central University of Ecuador. He died in Guayaquil in 1919 while holding the position of Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Relations.


  • Cónsules y Consulados (1910; Consuls and Consulates)
  • Los virtuosos (1917; The Virtuous)
  • La visita del poeta (The Poet's Visit)
  • Paz en la guerra (1911; War and Peace)
  • Sonetos y Sonetillos (1909; Sonnets and Little Sonnets)
  • El reino de Bélgica: su comercio é industria (1909; The Belgium Kingdom: its commerce and industry)


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