Joyeuse (river)

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Origin Iholdy
Mouth Bidouze
43°21′13″N 1°1′34″W / 43.35361°N 1.02611°W / 43.35361; -1.02611
Basin countries France
Length 27 km

The Joyeuse, is a left tributary of the Bidouze, in the French Basque Country (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), in the Southwest of France.


Its name Joyeuse, that applies also to the Aran River and one of its tributaries, is the name of the sword of Charlemagne. It was attributed after the battle of Roncevaux. At this time, many breaches or narrow passes in the Pyrenees were renamed in reference to Roland.


The Joyeuse rises in Iholdy and flows into the Bidouze in Saint-Palais.

Départements and towns[edit]

Main tributaries[edit]

  • Azkonbegiko erreka