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Isle of Man 2014 Isle of Man TT Races
2013 Isle of Man TT Supersport TT Race 2 Michael Dunlop (6), 600cc Honda TT Grandstand 5 June 2013
Race details
Date 2 & 4 June 2014
Location Douglas, Isle of Man
Course Road Course
37.73 mi (60.72 km)
Supersport TT Race 1
Pole Position Fastest Lap
England Gary Johnson England Gary Johnson
125.934 mph 126.732 mph
1. England Gary Johnson
2. New Zealand Bruce Anstey 3. Northern Ireland Michael Dunlop
Supersport TT Race 2
Pole Position Fastest Lap
England Gary Johnson Northern Ireland Michael Dunlop
125.934 mph 127.403 mph
1. Northern Ireland Michael Dunlop
2. New Zealand Bruce Anstey 3. Northern Ireland William Dunlop

The Junior TT is a motorcycle road race that takes place during the Isle of Man TT festival; an annual event at the end of May and beginning of June. Between 1949 and 1976 this race was part of the Grand Prix motorcycle racing season.

Engine capacity[edit]

The 1911 Isle of Man TT was the first time the Junior TT race took place and was open to 300cc single-cylinder and 340cc twin cylinder motor-cycles and was contested over 5 laps of the new 37.5 mile Mountain Course. The first event on the new course was the Junior TT Race and was contested by 35 entrants. It was won by Percy J. Evans riding a Humber motor-cycle in 3 hours, 37 minutes and 7 seconds at an average speed of 41.45 mph.

The 1912 event was the first to limit the Junior TT to only 350 cc machines and this engine capacity prevailed until 1994.



  • Entrants must be in possession of a valid National Entrants or FIM Sponsors Licence for Road Racing.


The 2012 specification for entries into the Junior TT race are defined as;-

  • Any machine complying with the following specifications:
    • Supersport TT: (Machines complying with the 2012 FIM Supersport Championships specifications)
      • Over 400cc up to 600cc 4 cylinders 4-stroke
      • Over 600cc up to 675cc 3 cylinders 4-stroke
      • Over 600cc up to 750cc 2 cylinders 4-stroke[1]

Official Qualification Time[edit]

  • 115% of the time set by the third fastest qualifier in the class.[2]

Speed and Lap Records[edit]

The lap record for the Junior TT is 17 minutes and 35.659 seconds, at an average speed of 128.666 mph set by Michael Dunlop on lap 2 of the 2013 Isle of Man TT 600cc Supersport Junior TT Race 2. The race record for the Junior TT is 1 hour, 11 minutes and 52.091 seconds at an average race speed of 125.997 mph set by Michael Dunlop during the same 2013 600cc Supersport TT Race 2

Junior TT Race Winners[edit]

Rider Wins
Giacomo Agostini, Michael Dunlop, Stanley Woods 5
Bruce Anstey, Ian Hutchinson, Charlie Williams 4
Joey Dunlop, Freddie Frith, Jimmie Guthrie, Jim Redman 3
Alec Bennett, Brian Reid, Geoff Duke, Mike Hailwood, Gary Johnson, Con Law, Ian Lougher, John McGuinness, Chas Mortimer, Jim Moodie, John Surtees, Eric Williams 2
Rod Coleman, Percy J. Evans, Ryan Farquhar, David Jefferies, Ken Kavanagh, Dave Leach, Bill Lomas, Phil Mellor, Steve Plater, Michael Rutter, T. M. Sheard, H. G. Tyrell Smith 1

Junior TT Race Winners by Marque[edit]

Marque Wins
Honda, Yamaha 18
Norton 11
MV Agusta 9
Velocette 8
Moto Guzzi 2
Cotton, Douglas, EMC, Gilera, Humber, HRD, Kawasaki, New Imperial, NUT, Rex-Acme, Rudge-Whitworth, Suzuki, Triumph 1

Winners of Junior/Senior Double Isle of Man TT Races[edit]

Year Name Make of Motorcycle
1931 Tim Hunt Norton
1932/33 Stanley Woods Norton
1934 Jimmie Guthrie Norton
1951 Geoff Duke Norton
1953 Ray Amm Norton
1957 Bob McIntyre Gilera
1958/59 John Surtees MV Agusta
1967 Mike Hailwood Honda
1968–70, 1972 Giacomo Agostini MV Agusta
1985, 1988 Joey Dunlop Honda
1996 Phillip McCallen Honda
2000 David Jefferies Yamaha
2006 John McGuinness Honda
2010 Ian Hutchinson Honda
2014 Michael Dunlop Honda / BMW


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