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This article is about the dance/electro/pop band. For the New Wave band, see King (band). For the metal band, see King 810.
King LA party.jpg
Lucius, Queenie, Jazzy, Ruby, and Trillion (left to right) at Nobu Matsuhisa in Malibu, Los Angeles
Background information
Origin Mayfair, London
Genres Pop, dance-pop, pop rap
Years active 1997–present
Labels EMI
Members Trillion
Past members Jazzy

KING is an English pop/hip hop quartet. The band consisted originally of five siblings, Trillion, Queenie, Jazzy, Ruby and Lucius. In November 2013 Jazzy and Ruby left the quintett to form their own band Blonde Electra and their younger sister Jemima joined the group.[1]

Biographical information[edit]

The three eldest siblings were born in India and the two younger ones in Ukraine. All were home-schooled by their father, Michael Jaffray King (British) and mother, Irmgard King (German). They were raised in over 30 countries throughout the world. Due to being born in different countries, all siblings hold a number of different passports and have dual citizenship. They are fluent in four languages.

They have two younger sisters, Jemima and Michelle King, who currently reside in Cologne, Germany with their parents.[2]

Marieangela King (Queenie) married, on 1 December 2013, musician and artist Elijah Blue Allman, the son of Cher and Gregg Allman.[3]


Their music and performance is characterized by electronic raps, big melodic choruses and unique fashion styles.

Early life[edit]

They began their professional singing careers in 1997 and quickly moved on to do TV and radio shows in several different countries around the world. In 1998, Word Records/Warner Music Group (USA) approached the group and offered them a $4 million recording contract which was, however, rejected by both parents as they felt the siblings were too young to take on the music business at that time.[4]

The band[edit]

In 2007, they formed their own band called King Family, and started writing/producing their own songs. They were soon signed to EMI Capitol Records in Germany.[5]

Lucius, Jazzy, Queenie, Ruby and Trillion in Hanover 2008 (photo JasminG)

In January 2008, their debut single "Carry Me Home" was released and made it into the German Single Charts. Only three months later, the album of the same name, as well as the second single "Perfect Day" appeared, which also reached a position in the charts. A tour throughout Germany, TV appearances and numerous public performances followed.[6]

In June 2009, the siblings parted ways with EMI. They renamed their band to 'KING' and moved to the U.S. to pursue their musical careers. This move was supported by the American music manager Doc McGhee (long time manager of Kiss.[7] The German TV channel VOX documented this journey for their series Goodbye Deutschland! Die Auswanderer. The band has written with songwriters and producers with the likes of Grammy Award winner Glen Ballard, Bonnie McKee, Mitch Allan, Jon Ingoldsby and Justin Trugman.

They have homes in Hollywood, California and in Mayfair, London. The siblings are currently recording their 2nd studio album and working on television projects.[citation needed]

In December 2013, KING released the music video "B.O.M.B.", directed by Nicholaus Goossen.[8]


KING has worked together with and donated to various charity organizations such as International Committee of the Red Cross, and Caritas.[citation needed]


  • Trillion (born March 2, 1985 as Michael Phillip King in Pune, India)
  • Queenie (born July 16, 1987 as Marieangela King in Bombay, India)
  • Lucius (born February 3, 1995 in Perechyn, Ukraine)
  • Jemima (born April 17)

Former members[edit]

  • Jazzy (born February 19, 1990 as Jasmina King in Bombay, India)
  • Ruby (born May 7, 1992 as Natalia King in Uzhgorod, Ukraine)



Year Title Chart positions
2008 Carry Me Home -


Year Title Chart positions Album
2008 "Carry Me Home"
VÖ: 25. January 2008
70 Carry Me Home
2008 "Perfect Day"
VÖ: 4. April 2008


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