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KL USSR KP580BM80A i8080 clone.jpg
KR580VM80 CPU, Plastic DIP
Produced From c. 1979 to c. 1991
Common manufacturer(s)
  • USSR
Max. CPU clock rate 2 MHz to 2.5 MHz
Instruction set pre x86

The KR580VM80A (Russian: КР580ВМ80А) was a Soviet microprocessor, a clone of the Intel 8080 CPU. Different versions of this CPU were manufactured beginning in the late 1970s, the earliest known use being in the SM1800 computer in 1979. Production ceased with the fall of the USSR. Initially called the K580IK80 (К580ИК80), it was produced in a 44-pin planar metal-ceramic (climatic) package. Later, a generic consumer version in a PDIP-40 package was produced and was named the KR580IK80A (КР580ИК80А). The pin layout of the latter completely matched that of Intel's 8080A CPU. In 1986 this CPU received a new part number to conform with a new naming scheme and became known as the KR580VM80A (КР580ВМ80А), the number it is most widely known by today. Normal clock frequency for the K580IK80A was 2 MHz, with speeds up to 2.5 MHz for the KR580VM80A.


Ceramic DIP version.

The KR580VM80A was popular in home computers, computer terminals, industrial controllers. Some of the examples of its successful application are:

Technology and support chips[edit]

The K580 family was manufactured with a n-MOS process. The pins were electrically compatible with TTL logic levels. The load capacity of each output pin was sufficient for one TTL input. The output capacitance of each control and data pins was ≤ 100pF each.

The family consists of the following essential chips:

The following chips can be used to enhance system efficiency:

  • KR580VG28, KR580VG38: bus controllers/drivers
  • KR580VV79: programmable peripheral device, keyboard and display controller
  • KR580VG75: programmable CRT video display controller
  • KR580IR82, KR580IR83 buffer registers; KR580VA86, KR580VA87 bus drivers
  • KR580GF24: system clock generator/driver

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