Karenna Gore Schiff

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Karenna Gore Schiff
Born Karenna Aitcheson Gore
(1973-08-06) August 6, 1973 (age 41)
Nashville, Tennessee
Occupation Author, journalist, attorney
Nationality American
Alma mater Harvard University
Columbia Law School
Notable works Lighting the Way: Nine Women Who Shaped Modern America
Spouse Andrew Newman Schiff (1997–2010, separated)
Children Wyatt Gore Schiff
Anna Hunger Schiff
Oscar Aitcheson Schiff

Karenna Aitcheson Gore Schiff[1] (born August 6, 1973) is an American author, journalist, and attorney. She is the eldest daughter of Al and Tipper Gore and the sister of Kristin Gore.

Background and family[edit]

Gore was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and grew up there as well as in Washington D.C.. She graduated from National Cathedral School in 1991.[2] She received her B.A. in history and literature in 1995 from Harvard University, a J.D. from Columbia Law School in 2000,[3] and a Master of Arts degree from Union Theological Seminary in 2013.[4] During college, she interned as a journalist for WREG-TV and The Times-Picayune. She later wrote for El Pais in Spain and Slate in Seattle. After law school, she was briefly an associate with the law firm Simpson Thacher & Bartlett in New York.[5] She later left law to work in the non-profit sector, first as Director of Community Affairs for the Association to Benefit Children (ABC), then in the legal center of Sanctuary for Families.[6]

On July 12, 1997 she married Andrew Newman Schiff,[1] a doctor of internal medicine in Washington D.C. in an Episcopal ceremony at the Washington National Cathedral.[7][8] Newman works as a biotechnology fund manager.[9] Andrew is the great-great-grandson of industrialist Jacob Schiff and great-grandson of Boy Scouts of America leader Mortimer L. Schiff. They have three children together: Wyatt Gore Schiff, (born July 4, 1999 in New York City)[10] Anna Hunger Schiff, (born August 23, 2001 in New York City)[11] and Oscar Aitcheson Schiff (born in 2006).[12][13] As of June 9, 2010, she and husband Andrew are separated.[14]

2000 campaign and book[edit]

Gore Schiff was the Youth Outreach Chair on her father's 2000 presidential campaign.[15][16] Together with her father's former Harvard roommate Tommy Lee Jones,[17] she officially nominated Gore as the presidential candidate during the 2000 Democratic Convention in Los Angeles.[18] She also introduced her father during the launching of his campaign.[19][20]

In 2006, she published Lighting the Way: Nine Women Who Shaped Modern America,[3] a profile of nine modern and historical American women.[21] Stating that the book was written in reaction to the results of the 2000 campaign, Gore Schiff said, "I wanted to turn all that frustration and sadness into something positive."[3]


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