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Kuntz is a German surname. The name originated as a short form of Konrad meaning "bold adviser". Notable people with the surname include:

  • Murray Kuntz (born 1945), is a former professional ice hockey right winger
  • Terry Kuntz (born 1953), game designer
  • Robert J. Kuntz (born 1955), game designer
  • Rusty Kuntz (born 1955), is a former Major League Baseball designated hitter and outfielder
  • Stefan Kuntz (born 1962), is a former German professional footballer
  • Andy Kuntz (born 1962), is a German progressive metal singer
  • Thomas Kuntz (born 1965), an American multi-media artist
  • Tom Kuntz (born 1972), filmmaker
  • Harry Kuntz (died 1973), politician
  • Roger Kuntz (died 1975), an American landscape painter
  • Alan Kuntz (died 1987), was a professional ice hockey player
  • Bobby Kuntz (died 2011), is a former professional Canadian football linebacker

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