Kwun Tong Station

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Kwun Tong
Kwun Tong Station 2014 04.JPG
Platform 1
Station statistics
Address Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kwun Tong District, Hong Kong
Coordinates 22°18′44″N 114°13′35″E / 22.3121°N 114.2265°E / 22.3121; 114.2265Coordinates: 22°18′44″N 114°13′35″E / 22.3121°N 114.2265°E / 22.3121; 114.2265
Line(s)  Kwun Tong Line
Connections Bus, public light bus
Structure type Elevated
Levels 1
Platforms 2 (island platform)
Tracks 2
Other information
Opened 1 October 1979 (1979-10)
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Station code KWT
Owned by MTR Corporation
Operator MTR Corporation
Preceding station   MTR   Following station
towards Yau Ma Tei
Kwun Tong Line
towards Tiu Keng Leng
Hong Kong MTR system map
Hong Kong MTR system map
Kwun Tong Station
Traditional Chinese 觀塘
Simplified Chinese 观塘
Literal meaning Sighting Pond
The road tunnel built beneath Kwun Tong station

Kwun Tong is a station on the MTR Kwun Tong Line in Hong Kong. The station was the original terminus of the line until Lam Tin Station opened in 1989. It is located in the Kwun Tong area, between Lam Tin and Ngau Tau Kok stations.

The station is elevated, unlike almost every other station in the system. Due to difficulties in installing platform screen doors (PSDs) in above ground stations, the MTR decided not to install PSDs in this station. However due to recent accidents of falling into the tracks, the MTR has installed automatic platform gates (APGs) on the station's platform. It is located far away from most residential areas, causing many residents of Kwun Tong to take other means of transport in order to reach the station. There is a shopping centre and office tower, named apm Millennium City 5, connected to the station.

Beneath the station building is a road tunnel which diverts traffic along Kwun Tong Road from the roundabout around the station.


Line Destination First train Last train
Kwun Tong Yau Ma Tei 06:00 00:30
Choi Hung 01:13
Tiu Keng Leng 06:04 01:04
Source: [1]

Station layout[edit]

Platform 1  Kwun Tong Line towards Tiu Keng Leng (Lam Tin)
Island platform, doors will open on the right
Platform 2  Kwun Tong Line towards Yau Ma Tei (Ngau Tau Kok)
Concourse Customer service, MTRshops
Hang Seng Bank, vending machines, automatic teller machines
Octopus promotion machine
- Exits
- Kwun Tong Road Tunnel


Platforms 1 and 2 share the same island platform, and it is curved, so the gap is large. Before Lam Tin station was opened, platform 1 was also used for departing westbound trains. After midnight, platform 1 is the termination platform of the Kwun Tong Line, so trains can return to Kowloon Bay Depot.


  • A1: Yue Man Square Wheelchair user access
  • A2: Millennium City 5, APM Mall
  • B1: Kwun Tong Ferry Pier Harbourfront
  • B2: Kwun Tong Plaza
  • B3: Crocodile Center
  • C1: Yuet Wah Street
  • C2: Lei Yue Mun Road
  • C3: Hip Wo Street
  • D1: Bus Terminus
  • D2: (Temporarily closed until August 2014)
  • D3: Hoi Yuen Road
  • D4: Kwun Tong Industrial Centre[3]


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