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Kyle Rankin (born 13 September 1972 in Danbury, Connecticut) is a filmmaker.


Early life[edit]

Kyle Rankin went to school at the University of Maine in Orono where he founded the University's Film and Video Club.[1] It was at the university that Rankin was star and co-producer of a soap opera on campus called "DORM", which was eventually released with the episodes compiled into one feature length film.[2]

Movie career[edit]

He co-directed The Battle of Shaker Heights through the second season of HBO's Project Greenlight.[3] He wrote and directed a movie produced by Icon Productions, called Infestation, it stars Chris Marquette, Ray Wise, Brooke Nevin and Kinsey Packard and was shot in summer 2007 in Bulgaria.[4] He recently created the feature/web-series NUCLEAR FAMILY (2011) and lives in Los Angeles as an independent writer/director.



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