Kyuichi Tokuda

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Kyuichi Tokuda
Kyuichi Tokuda speech 1946.jpg
Kyuichi Tokuda during a May Day rally in 1946
Chair of the Japanese Communist Party
In office
Preceded by Toshihiko Sakai
Succeeded by Sanzo Nosaka
Personal details
Born (1894-09-12)September 12, 1894
Died October 14, 1953(1953-10-14) (aged 59)
Political party Japanese Communist Party

Kyuichi Tokuda (徳田 球一 Tokuda Kyūichi?, September 12, 1894 - October 14, 1953) was a Japanese politician and first chairman of the Japanese Communist Party from 1945 until his death in 1953.


Kyuichi Tokuda was born in 1894 to a poor family in Okinawa. He worked as a substitute teacher before becoming a lawyer after graduating from Nihon University. He joined the Japanese Communist Party, becoming a member of its central committee. He was arrested in 1928, and was not released until on October 1945, a month after the end of World War II.[1] In 1950, he was purged from public office by the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers. He died in exile in China.[2]


  • Appeal to the People, a document written during his imprisonment.[3] It was read by him at a rally on October 10, 1945 following his release from prison following the end of World War II.[4]
  • Eighteen Years in Prison (Gokuchu juhachi-nen) by Kyuichi Tokuda and Yoshio Shiga. Published by the Japanese Communist Party Party in 1948.

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At Revolutionary Democracy Archive

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