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The Labor Minister of Israel (Hebrew: שר העבודה‎, Sar HaAvoda) was the political head of the Israeli Ministry of Labor and a position in the Israeli cabinet. The post was established in 1948 as the Minister of Labour and Construction (Hebrew: שר העבודה והבינוי‎, Sar HaAvoda VeHaBinui). The following year it was renamed the Minister of Labour and Social Security (Hebrew: שרת העבודה והביטוח העממי‎, Sar HaAVoda VeHaBituah HaAmami), until adopting its later name in 1951.

In 1977 the post was merged with the Welfare Minister, becoming the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare. In 2003 the labor function was transferred to the Minister of Industry and Trade, which was renamed Industry, Trade and Labor Minister.

List of Labor Ministers[edit]


      Mapam       Mapai/Alignment/Labor

No. Name Party Term of office Govt. (P.M.)
1 Mordechai Bentov Mapam 14 May 1948 10 March 1949 Prov (Ben-Gurion)
2 Golda Meir Mapai 10 March 1949 19 June 1956 1·2·3·4 (Ben-Gurion)
5·6 (Sharett)
7 (Ben-Gurion)
3 Mordechai Namir Mapai 19 June 1956 17 December 1959 7·8 (Ben-Gurion)
4 Giora Yoseftal Mapai 17 December 1959 2 November 1961 9 (Ben-Gurion)
5 Yigal Allon Mapai;
Alignment (Labor)
2 November 1961 1 July 1968 10 (Ben-Gurion)
11·12·13 (Eshkol)
6 Yosef Almogi Alignment (Labor) 8 July 1968 10 March 1974 13 (Eshkol)
14·15 (Meir)
7 Yitzhak Rabin Alignment (Labor) 10 March 1974 3 June 1974 16 (Meir)
8 Moshe Baram Alignment (Labor) 3 June 1974 20 June 1977 17 (Rabin)

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