Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge

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Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge
Lego island 2.jpg

Developer(s) Silicon Dreams

Crawfish Interactive (GBC)

Publisher(s) Lego Software
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance
Release date(s) PlayStation, PC and Game Boy Color
30 March 2001
Game Boy Advance
2 October 2001
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Mode(s) Single player

Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge is an action-adventure comedy computer game. It is the sequel to Lego Island and was followed by Island Xtreme Stunts. It continues the adventures of pizza-delivering skateboarder Pepper Roni, who once again needs to save the island and the entire Lego universe from the Brickster.


Like in Lego Island, there are missions to do, but in this sequel, they are completed in a linear fashion. While the previous game offered multiple playable characters, the only playable character in this game is Pepper Roni.


Having delivered enough pizzas to earn his new house, Pepper Roni is told to deliver a pizza to the jail cell at the Police Station. The Brickster uses spices saved from previous pizzas to form a fiery, hot pizza breath that melts the jail doors, allowing him to escape, steal a police helicopter, and fly to the Information Center. He steals the Constructopedia, the book containing the blueprints for all buildings on the island, and then scatters its pages. All of the buildings on Lego Island are deconstructed. The Brickster summons his Brickster-Bots and then leaves for Ogel Island, an asteroid floating in space that he built from bricks that he has stolen from Lego Island. Pepper Roni locates four of the missing pages and defeats all the Brickster-Bots by throwing pizzas at them. With each page returned, a building is reconstructed.

After saving the Infomaniac from Brickster-Bots in the Information Center, Pepper gets on a boat and travels through a portal to Castle Island, where the Brickster has deconstructed the bridge. Pepper dives underwater to retrieve the bridge's five missing bricks and finds one of the Constructopedia pages. He also discovers that the Bull Knights are using another page as a flag, so he engages the Dark Knight in a joust to get the Bulls' flag back. Before getting the page, Pepper has to engage in a cannon battle against the Bulls' leader, Cedric the Bull.

Pepper returns home, collects two more pages, and then is deputized by Nick Brick to be authorized to use the police helicopter. Pepper flies through another portal to Adventurers' Island, where he meets Johnny Thunder, Pippin Read, and Dr. Kilroy. Traveling across the island, Pepper defends gems from snakes; recovers a page from the mummies' tomb; races to the oasis, where he catches a giant fish that swallowed a Constructopedia page; and flies in a biplane to the jungle area, where he rescues some dinosaurs and retrieves another page from the villainous Mr. Hates.

Pepper returns to Lego Island on a Pterodactyl. However, Papa and Mama Brickolini are kidnapped the Brickster to be employed as his personal chefs on Ogel Island. The Brickster also summons new Brickster-Bots that are immune to pizza. Pepper then collects the final four pages and gets a radio that destroys the new Brickster-Bots with music. After defeating the bots, the Infomaniac directs him to go to the space port.

Pepper makes his way to the spaceport and, after both centrifuge and parachute training, takes a rocket to Ogel Island. Since the Brickster stole the landing gear on the spaceship, Pepper is forced to parachute down to the surface. On the asteroid, he makes pizzas to put the citizens to sleep and rescue the Brickolinis. He then confronts the Brickster atop the Brickster's Palace. In the end, the Brickster is left trapped in his palace cage and Lego Island is safe again.

In the final scene, Pepper, Mama and Papa fly home. When they return, a girl tackles Pepper and madly kisses him. Everyone celebrates with a dance party, including a number of harmless Brickster-Bots that dance to the music.


Many of the characters return from the original game, including the Infomaniac, Laura, Nick, Papa, Mama, and Nubby. Additional characters are introduced, including soccer players, Technician Bob, and a few characters modeled after the game designers.

There are also non-player characters in the game that are based on the minifigures for concurrent Lego themes, particularly Knights' Kingdom and Lego Adventurers.

The Station Master serves as a reference to Lego Loco, in which the station master figure would, on occasion, turn into a superhero.


LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge received fair scores. On the site GameSpot, the PC game received 6.8, the PlayStation version received 6.7, the Game Boy Advance version received 6.9, and the Game Boy Color version received 5.9.[citation needed] IGN gave the Gameboy Color version a score of 5 out of 10, calling it "mediocre" and "strictly average."[1]

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