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Hebrew transcription(s)
 • Hebrew לְהָבִים
Lehavim Gome St. end walkway.jpeg
Lehavim is located in Israel
Coordinates: 31°22′08″N 34°48′47″E / 31.36889°N 34.81306°E / 31.36889; 34.81306Coordinates: 31°22′08″N 34°48′47″E / 31.36889°N 34.81306°E / 31.36889; 34.81306
District Southern
 • Type Local council
 • Head of Municipality Eli Levi
 • Total 2,525 dunams (2.525 km2 or 624 acres)
Population (2010)
 • Total 5,800

Lehavim (Hebrew: לְהָבִים‎) is a town in the Southern District of Israel, in the northern Negev. Founded in 1983, it is located 15 km north of Beersheba. In 2009, the population was 6,000. [1]


Lehavim synagogue

Lehavim, originally called "Givat Lahav,"[2] covers an area of 2,525 dunams (2.5 km²). It is one of Beersheba's three satellite towns (the others two are Omer and Meitar). Most of the inhabitants commute to Beersheba for work. Lehavim is an upper-middle class community of detached homes surrounded by palm trees and gardens. The town has a library, a country club, kindergartens, a school, two synagogues, and a commercial center. Lehavim achieved municipal status in 1988.[2]According to the CBS, Lehavim is ranking very high (9 out of 10) on the socio-economic status of its citizens.[citation needed]


Lehavim is located near the intersection of Highway 40 (BeershebaTel Aviv) and Highway 31 (AradRahat), known as the Lehavim Junction. The Lod–Beersheba railway line passes through this crossing. The Lehavim Railway Station, inaugurated in 2007 on the western side of Lehavim, as well as its proximity to Highway 6, have served as an economic catalyst.[3]


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