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Leo Ditrichstein ca. 1909
Advertisement for Ditrichstein's appearance at Plymouth Theatre (Boston), 1921

Leo Ditrichstein (January 6, 1865 – June 28, 1928) was an American actor and playwright of Austrian-Hungarian birth, born in Temesvár, Austria-Hungary. He was educated in Vienna and was naturalized as an American citizen in 1897. He made his New York début in Die Ehre, (1890). This was followed by: Mr. Wilkinson's Widows, Trilby, Are You a Mason? and other plays. He was the author of numerous plays, among which are: Gossip (with Clyde Fitch, 1895); A Southern Romance (1897); The Last Appeal (1901); What's the Matter with Susan? (1904); The Ambitious Mrs. Susan (1907); The Million (from the French, 1911); The Concert (1911); Temperamental Journey (1912); The Great Lover (1915). Ditrichstein appeared in one motion picture, in a cameo as himself, in the still surviving How Molly Made Good (1915). He had a large influence on actor William Powell. Some of the plays Ditrichstein either wrote or acted in have been made into motion pictures.

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