Let's Make Up and Be Friendly

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Let's Make Up And Be Friendly
Studio album by Bonzo Dog Band
Released 1972
Recorded November, 1971
Genre Comedy rock
Psychedelic pop
Label United Artists UAS 29288
Producer Neil Innes, Vivian Stanshall
Bonzo Dog Band chronology
Keynsham (1969) Let's Make Up And Be Friendly (1972) Pour l'Amour des Chiens
British reissue
Sunset SLS 50418

Let's Make Up And Be Friendly was the fifth and, until 2007, final original album by the Bonzo Dog Band. The group had already disbanded when United Artists Records (which absorbed the Bonzos' label Liberty Records) informed band members that the group owed the label one more album. This farewell album was the result. In 2007 the album was re-issued on CD by EMI with 6 bonus tracks. Some of these bonus tracks were not performed by the Bonzos, but were actually solo recordings by the members of the group.

"Rawlinson End", the longest track on any Bonzos album, features the first appearance of Vivian Stanshall's character Sir Henry Rawlinson, whose exploits would later be documented as a series of BBC Radio 1 sessions for the John Peel show; a 1978 LP and 1984 semi-sequel; a 1980 film and book; and who would make a final cameo appearance in a 1994 commercial for Ruddles Real Ale.

This was their last album of new material featuring all original members until the band's reunion in 2006, by which time Vivian Stanshall was deceased. A new studio album, Pour l'Amour des Chiens (French for For the Love of Dogs), was released on December 2007.

Sleeve Notes[edit]

Friendly is the only Bonzo Dog Band album to feature an image of the eponymous "Bonzo Dog".

Track listing (LP)[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. "The Strain"
  2. "Turkeys"
  3. "King Of Scurf"
  4. "Waiting For The Wardrobe"
  5. "Straight From My Heart"
  6. "Rusty (Champion Thrust)"

Side two[edit]

  1. "Rawlinson End"
  2. "Don't Get Me Wrong"
  3. "Fresh Wound"
  4. "Bad Blood"
  5. "Slush"

Track listing (8TK)[edit]

program 1[edit]

  • "The Strain"
  • "Rawlinson End"

program 2[edit]

  • "Don't Get Me Wrong"
  • "Bad Blood"
  • "Turkeys"

program 3[edit]

  • "Waiting For The Wardrobe"
  • "Rusty (Champion Thrust)"
  • "Slush"

program 4[edit]

  • "Fresh Wound"
  • "King Of Scurf"
  • "Straight From My Heart"

Bonus tracks on 2007 re-issue CD[edit]

  1. "Sofa Head"
  2. "Jam" (by Topo D Bil)
  3. "I Love To Bumpity Bump" (by Roger Ruskin Spear)
  4. "Lie Down & Be Counted" (by Neil Innes)
  5. "Bride Stripped Bare By 'Bachelors' (early version)
  6. "No Matter Who You Vote For The Government Always Gets In" (demo)

There are a few differences between British and American versions

  • "Rusty"
    • UK: fades out at end
    • US: does not fade out and continues on past where UK's ends
  • Time difference
    • The UK album has a longer time gap between "Waiting for the Wardrobe" & "Straight from My Heart" and between "Bad Blood" & "Slush" than the US.