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Lexalytics, Inc.
Industry Software
Founded 2003
Headquarters Boston, MA
Key people
Jeff Catlin, CEO
Mike Marshall, CTO
Products Text analytics
Website http://www.lexalytics.com

Lexalytics, Inc. is an American software company that provides sentiment analysis and intent analysis to an array of companies using SaaS and cloud based technology. Salience 6, the engine behind Lexalytics, was built as an on-premise, multi-lingual text analysis engine. It is leased to other companies who use it to power filtering and reputation management programs. In July, 2015 Lexalytics acquired Semantria to be used as a cloud option for its technology.

Lexalytics CEO, Jeff Catlin

Lexalytics spun into existence in January, 2003 out of a content management startup called Lightspeed. Originally based in Woburn, Massachusetts, Lightspeed’s investors decided to consolidate the company on America’s West Coast. Reluctant to shutter the Woburn operation, Jeff Catlin, then a Lightspeed General Manager, and his colleague Mike Marshall, a Lightspeed Principle Engineer, convinced investors to give them the East Coast company so as to avoid shutdown costs.[1][unreliable source?] Catlin and Marshall moved it to Amherst, Massachusetts and renamed it Lexalytics.

Catlin took on the role of Chief Executive Officer with Marshall working as Chief Technology Officer.

Lexalytics acquired Semantria in the summer of 2014. Semantria, now a product of Lexalytics, is an SaaS text mining service offered as an API and Excel based plugin that measures sentiment.[2] The goal of the acquisition was to expand the customer base both within the United States and abroad with multilingual support.[2]

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