List of Cardiff City F.C. captains

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This is a list of Cardiff City Football Club's captains, from 1910, when the club appointed their first captain.

Years Nat. Name Notes
1910-1911 Scotland Davy McDougall Player-Manager, first club captain
No competitive football took place between 1914 to 1918 due to World War I.
1920-1922 England Charlie Brittan First captain in The Football League
1922-1931 Wales Fred Keenor 1927 FA Cup winning captain
1934-1938 Wales Arthur Granville
No competitive football took place between 1939 to 1945 due to World War II.
1946-1949 Wales Fred Stansfield Third Division South winning captain
1951-1956 Wales Alf Sherwood
1959-1960 Scotland Danny Malloy
1961-1962 Wales Alan Harrington
1964-1967 England Gareth Williams
1967-1974 Scotland Don Murray
1974 England Clive Charles
1974-1975 Wales Phil Dwyer
1975-1976 Wales Mike England
1976-1977 Wales Richie Morgan Team captain was Doug Livermore.
1977-1980 Wales Phil Dwyer
1982-1986 England Jimmy Mullen
1985-1986 Scotland Jake King
1987-1988 Wales Terry Boyle
1991-1993 Northern Ireland Paul Ramsey Third Division winning captain
1993-1997 Wales Jason Perry
1997-1998 England Dave Penney Lee Jarman was captain whilst Penney was absent.
1998-2001 England Kevin Nugent
2001-2005 Republic of Ireland Graham Kavanagh
2005-2009 England Darren Purse Vice-captain was Stephen McPhail, Joe Ledley team captain (2008-09)
2009-2014 England Mark Hudson Championship winning captain
Jay Bothroyd was appointed team captain (2009-10) due to long term injury, 2010-11 team captain was Craig Bellamy

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