List of Parliamentary constituencies in South Glamorgan

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The Preserved county of South Glamorgan is divided into five Parliamentary constituencies: four Borough constituencies and one County constituency. The current boundaries have been effective since the Welsh Assembly election, 2007 and the 2010 United Kingdom general election.[1]

Name 1997 to 2010 From 2010
  1. Cardiff Central BC(Liberal Democrat)
  2. Cardiff North BC(Conservative Party)
  3. Cardiff South and Penarth BC(Labour Party)
  4. Cardiff West BC(Labour Party)
  5. Vale of Glamorgan CC *(Conservative Party)
  6. Bridgend CC (part)(Labour Party)
  7. Pontypridd CC (part)(Labour Party)

* Pre-2010 a small part lay in Mid Glamorgan.
A part of Ogmore constituency, too small to show,
lay in South Glamorgan.

Parliamentary constituencies in South Glamorgan pre-2010
Parliamentary constituencies in South Glamorgan 2010


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