List of Parliamentary constituencies in Suffolk

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The county of Suffolk, England is divided into 7 Parliamentary constituencies - 1 Borough constituency and 6 County constituencies.


      † Conservative       ‡ Labour       ¤ Liberal Democrat

Constituency[nb 1] Electorate Majority[nb 2] Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Map
Bury St Edmunds CC 76,640 12,380   David Ruffley   David Chappell
Central Suffolk and North Ipswich CC 69,264 13,786   Daniel Poulter   Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne
Ipswich BC 71,717 2,079   Ben Gummer   Chris Mole
South Suffolk CC 69,119 8,689   Tim Yeo   Nigel Bennett
Suffolk Coastal CC 76,085 9,128   Therese Coffey   Daisy Cooper
Waveney CC 76,708 769   Peter Aldous   Bob Blizzard
West Suffolk CC 68,883 13,050   Matthew Hancock   Belinda Brooks-Gordon

Boundaries 1997-2010[edit]

The same constituency names were in use in this period, with some differences in boundaries.

Name Boundaries 1997-2010
  1. Bury St Edmunds CC
  2. Central Suffolk and North Ipswich CC
  3. Ipswich BC
  4. South Suffolk CC
  5. Suffolk Coastal CC
  6. Waveney CC
  7. West Suffolk CC
Parliamentary constituencies in Suffolk


2005 2010
SuffolkParliamentaryConstituency2005Results.svg SuffolkParliamentaryConstituency2010Results.svg


  1. ^ BC denotes borough constituency, CC denotes county constituency.
  2. ^ The majority is the number of votes the winning candidate receives more than their nearest rival.