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This is a selected list of some of the oldest rivers on Earth.

Determination of age[edit]

The age of a river is difficult to determine. Generally, the age is estimated based primarily upon the age of any mountains it dissects; the age of the sea or ocean to which it eventually outflows can be irrelevant; for example, several rivers of the east side of the Appalachian Mountains are older than the existence of the Atlantic Ocean. If a river fully dissects a mountain range, then this generally indicates that the river existed at least at the time that the mountain range rose.

List of some of the world's oldest rivers[edit]

Continent color key
Africa Asia Oceania Europe North America South America
River Age (Ma) Outflow Most significant criterion for the age
1. Finke 350-400 Lake Eyre
Predates the Alice Springs Orogeny; several other smaller rivers in the Northern Territory are of a similar age[1][2]
2. Meuse 320 to 340 North Sea Paleozoic, dissects the Ardennes during the Hercynian[3] The Hercynian Orogeny mountain upflift was contemporary with the Appalachian-forming Alleghenian orogeny, both 320 to 340 ma.
2. New 260 to 325 Kanawha River Dissects the Appalachian Mountains, formed by the Alleghenian orogeny, 320-340 ma [4]
2. Susquehanna 260 to 325 Chesapeake Bay Dissects the Appalachian Mountains, formed by the Alleghenian orogeny, 320-340 ma [5]
2. French Broad 260 to 325 Tennessee River Dissects the Appalachian Mountains, formed by the Alleghenian orogeny, 320-340 ma. The New, Susquehanna, French Broad are the only significant rivers that fully dissect the Appalachian core; the Hudson River is of more recent geologic origin. [6]
6. Rhine 240 North Sea Triassic, maybe older if it dissect mountains uplifted during the Hercynian in addition to the Eocene with the Alps or the Miocene with the Upper Rhine Graben
7. Save 205 Indian Ocean Formed during rifting when Gondwana broke up.[7]
8. Amazon 200 Atlantic Ocean Jurassic, but it seems to have flowed in the opposite direction as an extension of the Congo, i.e. long before the formation of Andes
Amur 125 Sea of Okhotsk Known to be at least Cretaceous in age, but crosses mountains even older[8]
Macleay 80 Tasman Sea Predates uplift of Great Escarpment[9]
Murrumbidgee 75 Murray River Predates uplift of Australian Alps[9]
Colorado 75 Gulf of California Uplift during Laramide orogeny, see Geology of the Grand Canyon area
Nile 65 to 75 Mediterranean Sea 65 to 75 for the Sudd section; the rest of the river is only 1 or 2 million years old [10]
Thames 58 North Sea Late Palaeocene Period Thanetian Stage.[11]
45 Arabian Sea Source in the Himalayas and Karakoram Mountains[12]
(Chang Jiang)
23 to 36.5 East China Sea Post-dates the Three Gorges formation (36.5 ma) [13] [14]

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