Live at B.B. King Blues Club (The Yardbirds)

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Live at B.B. King Blues Club
Live album by The Yardbirds
Released 2007
Recorded July 19, 2006 at B.B. King Blues Club, NYC
Genre Blues rock/Rock
Label Favored Nations

Live at B.B. King Blues Club is a 2007 album by English blues rock band the Yardbirds.


  1. Train Kept A Rollin'
  2. Please Don't Tell Me 'Bout the News
  3. Drinking Muddy Water
  4. Crying Out For Love
  5. Heart Full of Soul
  6. My Blind Life
  7. The Nazz Are Blue
  8. Mr. You're A Better Man Than I
  9. Mr. Saboteur
  10. Shapes of Things
  11. Mystery of Being
  12. Rack My Mind
  13. Over Under Sideways Down
  14. Back Where I Started
  15. For Your Love
  16. Still I'm Sad
  17. Dazed and Confused
  18. I'm A Man (Bo Diddley)
  19. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago