London Voices

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London Voices
Genres 1973-present
Instruments Voice
Labels Caroline
Erato Records
Sony Classical
Virgin Music
Elektra Nonesuch
Varèse Sarabande
Warner Reprise
London Records
Decca Records
Chandos Records
Members Terry Edwards
Ben Parry
Graham Jackson
Jacqueline Barron
Elizabeth Clarke
Jane Emmanuel
Kathryn Jenkin
Elaine Pearce
Mary Philips
Juliet Schiemann
Sharon Halliday
Jane Haughton
Nancy Long
Kirstine Mackenzie
Susan Mackenzie Park
Philip Brown
John Dudley
William Dieghan
Graham Godrey
Stephen Miles
Robin McLeish
Gerard O'Beirne
Philip Pooley
John Strange
John Upperton
Andrew Yeats
Roy Gregory
Charbell Mattar
Charles Munro
Martin Nelson
Lawrence Whitehead
Past members Paul Chapman
Elizabeth Harrison
Judith Rees
Sue Anderson
Sarah Leonard
Lesley Reid
Doreen Walker
Gareth Roberts
Simon Davies
Gordon Jones
Jeffrey Shaw
Jennifer Maybee

London Voices (sometimes known as London Sinfonietta Voices) is a London-based choral ensemble led by Terry Edwards, who founded the ensemble in 1973. They have been involved in numerous recordings of operas and soundtracks including The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover, Ravenous, the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Lucia di Lammermoor, The Lord of the Rings series, the Harry Potter series, Heavy Metal, The Mission, Enemy at the Gates, La traviata, and The Passion of the Christ. They have recorded with such diverse artists as Luciano Pavarotti, Dave Brubeck, Amy Grant, and Queen.

As few as three or as many as 150 singers can be part of the group at one time, and more than one unit of London Voices can be deployed to perform at various venues. Their official website does not attempt to catalog all of the singers who have worked with the group.


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  • Barbara Hendricks Chants Disney EMI 56178

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