Lorien Legacies

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Lorien Legacies
Author Pittacus Lore (James Frey and Jobie Hughes)
Country United States
Language English
Genre Young adult, science fiction
Publisher HarperCollins
Published August 2010–present
Media type print/digital (hardcover and paperback)

Lorien Legacies is a series of young adult science fiction books, written by James Frey, Jobie Hughes and other ghostwriters under the collective pseudonym Pittacus Lore.[1]

I Am Number Four (released 2010) is the first book in the series, followed by The Power of Six (2011), The Rise of Nine (released in August 2012), The Fall of Five (released August 2013), and The Revenge of Seven (released August 26, 2014) as the first five books in the series, of a proposed Seven. The books are published by HarperCollins. The fifth book, titled The Revenge of Seven, was announced on the I Am Number Four Facebook Page. It was released on August 26, 2014.

The Sixth book in the series is called "The fate of Ten" is tentatively scheduled to be released in August 2015 with the Seventh and final book to be released in Fall 2016.

The Lorien Legacies Series[edit]

Lorien Legacies Novel Series[edit]

I Am Number Four[edit]

Main article: I Am Number Four

'I Am Number Four' follows the story of John Smith, a 15-year old from the planet Lorien, and Henri, his Cêpan (protector), as they run from the Mogadorians, another alien race that is hunting John and eight other teenage Lorics residing on the planet Earth. These nine teens are members of the Garde, a group of Loric people gifted with special powers called "Legacies". Cêpans, who are also Loric, do not acquire legacies and most often become protectors and mentors for young members of the Garde. The teenagers are protected by a charm that only allows them to be killed in numeric order which works only when they stay apart. The first three have been killed, and John is Number Four. After a mishap in Florida, John and Henri move to Paradise, Ohio. While here, John falls for Sarah Hart, makes enemies with school bully and Sarah's ex-boyfriend Mark James, becomes best friends with Sam Goode and adopts a mysterious Beagle, named Bernie Kosar. Eventually, Sam finds out John's secret but keeps it and is supportive of him. Sarah also finds out about John when he saves her from a fire in Mark's house, leaping out a two story window and surviving. Near the end of the book, the Mogadorians find John and a frantic battle ensues at Paradise High School. Number Six finds John before the battle starts and she along with John, Sarah, Sam, Henri, Bernie Kosar (who turns out to be a Loric Chimæra who can change forms) and Mark fight against the Mogadorians. The Mogadorians lose the battle, but Henri dies and Six and Bernie Kosar are badly injured. Because the school is now destroyed and there are dead bodies strewn around town, the blame falls toward John and Henri who are now suspected terrorists. John was forced to leave Sarah behind because of the danger. John, Sam, Six and Bernie Kosar leave Paradise in search of the rest of the Garde and Sam's father, Malcolm. [2]

The Power Of Six[edit]

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The story is told by two members of the Garde: Number Four (John Smith), (who is on the run with Sam, Six, and Bernie Kosar), and Number Seven (Marina), (who's hiding at Santa Teresa, a convent in Spain). While John,Six and Sam try to stay ahead of the Mogadorians while searching for the other surviving Loric, Number Seven(Marina) searches for news of John after his heroic battle at the school that came at the end of I Am Number Four.

The story starts out showing what life is like for Marina, and also how John, Six, Sam, and Bernie Kosar struggle to evade police searching for them. Marina starts to suspect the Mogadorians have discovered her, but believes the charm is what keeps them from attacking her. She keeps seeing the same Mogadorian watching her in various circumstances. A new 7-year-old girl named Ella comes to the orphanage and Marina befriends her.

Elsewhere, John, Six, BK (Bernie Kosar), and Sam escape police and are hiding again. John finally decides to open his Chest and he and the others examine its contents. John and Six are unfamiliar with almost all of the Chest's objects. When they open the Chest, it somehow notifies the Mogadorians of their location. Later that night, they attack the house. Six, John, Sam and BK all manage to make it out. Later John reads Henri's letter and finds out the Mogadorians have captured Sam's father. Sam remembers his father telling him of a secret Loric base in his backyard. They set off to find it. Meanwhile, Marina tries to convince her Cepan Adelina to open the Chest for her and take responsibility of her role to Marina with no avail. Ella finds the hidden Chest and while Marina and Ella go to retrieve it, four girls from the convent confront Marina. Marina fights them but Ella ends up breaking her arm. Marina discovers her healing legacy when she repairs Ella's arm. Later, Marina drugs Adelina and opens her Chest.

Elsewhere, Six, John, Sam and BK make it to Sam's house, where they discover the well and Sams father's information base. The Mogadorians arrive and find themselves in a fresh battle. Six and BK are left fighting while John and Sam find Sarah. John meets Sarah where he notices she is acting suspicious. The FBI appear and arrests John, putting him and Sam in a prison near Washington DC. They suspect Sarah had notified the FBI while they met. Also, Marina activates a communication device in her Chest and since the Mogadorians have hacked Six's, they now know where she is. Six, John, Sam and BK are looking at John's solar system model when they see the Marina's tracking device and hear her voice before the connection is dropped. In the prison, John is questioned and soon the Mogadorians arrive. Six helps them escape, though very angry they left her during the battle in Paradise at Sams. While breaking out, Six, John, and Sam agree that it would not be wise to go after John's Chest. Thus, John, Six, and Sam all make it out of the prison without being attacked by the Mogadorians and form a plan. Six is going to Spain to help Marina, who she now knows is a member of the Garde, and Sam, BK, and John are going to the Mogadorian's base in a hollowed out mountain near West Virginia to rechieve Johns chest and possibly Six's.

Meanwhile, the Mogadorians catch up with Marina and Adelina as they try to escape. Adelina is murdered while trying to help Marina. The Mogadorian Marina has seen previously saves her life and explains he is not a Mogadorian but a Cepan of the tenth member of the Garde, who is Ella. He explains Ella took the second ship when the last elder, Loridas, sacrificed himself. The Cepan (named Crayton), Ella (who is actually eleven and can go between ages, using Loridas' aternus ability), Hector (a friend of Marina), and Marina try to escape to the lake where Crayton has Loric Chimaera waiting to help them. Six arrives at the scene and helps Crayton, Ella, Marina and Hector fight. Hector is killed by a Mogadorian beast. They win the battle. Six makes plans with the others to find the other Garde and the rest of the Chimaeras with Marina, Crayton and Ella. Crayton says "This isn't the end. You are getting way too strong, winning too many battles for them to let up now. The ruler, Setrakus Ra, will be here soon."

Elsewhere, Sam and John use Xitharis, a Loric stone that transfers Six's legacies to them temporarily to sneak into the mountain and grab John's Chest, and another that was there. They run out of invisibility and soon the Mogadorians are fighting them. They open the prisons in the mountain base and free Nine, who helps them fight their way out, using the other Chest, which is his, to their aid. Sam gets caught and they escape without him, discovering he is captured too late. John is too injured to go back for him. Nine attempts to go back in with John, but John is wounded by the force field around the mountain. Setrakus Ra arrives and Nine is about to attack him when Ra hides in the base, Nine and BK unable to reach him. Nine and John and BK head north, with nowhere to go since the address for meeting Six was lost in Sam's pocket.

Lorics have special powers that vary with age, number and power called Legacies. John Smith's first Legacy was Lumen, which made his palms glow like a flashlight when he was in school in Ohio. A Legacy that comes with Lumen is being able to be resistant to fire and to be able to control fire. Six, in "The Power of Six," which was the second book, has the ability to control, or have influence over, the elements and weather. She has also the power to become invisible. We know that Marina of the Seas could breathe under water; which is fitting, considering her name. She also has the ability to heal with her palms. There are also other Legacies like being able to talk to animals -which both Four and Nine have- the ability to see in the dark -which Marina has- and others that have not been mentioned. Nine who was found close to the end of the book has antigravity which makes him able to walk on walls. He also has the power to transfer his Legacies to others. [3]

The Rise Of Nine[edit]

Main article: The Rise of Nine

The Rise of Nine is told from the first-person perspectives of Number Four (John Smith), Number Six (Maren Elizabeth), and Number Seven (Marina). The story follows the characters as they continue attempting to evade their destruction.

Throughout the third installment of the Lorien Legacies, the current known members of the Garde are shown to be scattered around the world and placed in various locations. The current known members being Four, Six, Seven, Nine, and Ten, they all venture out trying to obtain certain clearance based on each of their missions.

The Power of Six ended with Sam being held captive within the Mogadorian base in West Virginia and John and Nine having no way to get to him. After that, they travelled around the place trying to sort out how to get Sam out of the cave. This, however, was only Four's intentions. He was constantly thinking and worrying about Sam and Sarah's well-being, his human friends who are already at the hands of the Mogadorians. The longer Four spent with Nine, the more he realised that he and Nine are completely opposite people. Four has a soft-spot when it comes to his friends and the rest of the Garde, and constantly wanting to prevent injuries and wasted time. Nine, however, has a knack for running into things quickly without thinking them through. He has an arrogant nature but also a bit of big-brotherly love, which is what Four uncovers later on in the book, even after they have a fight on top of the John Hancock Center.

Meanwhile, Six, Seven, Ten (Ella), and Crayton flew on a plane at the beginning of the book, their destination being India, where rumors had spread about a resurrected god living in the Himalayas. Once they arrived in New Delhi, they were surrounded by armored vehicles with the number 8 painted on it. After agreeing to go with the unknown army, the four Loric were taken near the Himalayan mountains, but ended up being pursued and shot at by a group of elite people known as the Lord's Resistance. This group was sponsored by various wealthy and well-connected benefactors with guns, helicopters, and various armors that allowed them to attempt to kill the "resurrected god". During the first battle against the group, Marina's chest was open. In America, Four and Nine use the tablet that Four obtained in The Power of Six in Sam's dad's well and discover it shows all of the Garde's positions.

After a lengthy battle in the mountains against the Lord's Resistance, the four Loric were taken to the "resurrected god" by Commander Sharma where they were each tested to see if they were worthy to meet the god, which was later revealed to actually be Number Eight, a member of the Garde that had been hiding in the mountains for years. After obtaining his chest thanks to Marina, Eight took the others, excluding the Commander, to an underground cave that acted as a teleporter, which is one of Eight's Legacies. The Mogadorians arrived, Crayton was killed and the remaining four were forced to leave by teleporting. Six was teleported to New Mexico while the other three appeared just off the coast of Somalia.

Meanwhile, after their fight atop the John Hancock Center, Four and Nine ended up agreeing to go to New Mexico, based on them sharing the same vision while they were asleep; the vision was both of them fighting together against Setrákus Ra they fell from a few black tunnels where they heard a voice whispering New Mexico.

Six was teleported to New Mexico where she ended up in a desert. She walked for a while and ended up by an American military base. She was on the verge of death when her and Ella – aka number ten – talked telepathically. After Six was convinced it was a mirage, helicopters flew around her and rescued her. They made her talk by drugging her. She was thrown in a cell with Sarah. After six talked with Sarah for a bit, Sarah ended up being Setrákus Ra. Setrákus Ra is able to change his form. She tried to defeat Ra but failed. Six is injured and thrown into a cell with the real Sarah. Sarah has been beaten so she would talk about what she knew about John. She said she had Sam thrown in her cell for a short time but that's it.

Meanwhile, Marina, Eight and Ella teleported to Stonehenge, where they were confronted by guards. Ella distracted the guards by reducing her age until she was six years old, which is one of her Legacies. After getting rid of the guards they were successfully teleported to New Mexico by Eight, where they traveled towards the mountains that Six mentioned telepathically to Ella earlier on.

Six was held captive within the Mogadorian base in New Mexico. She was offered to fight Ra and accepted. After a short battle, Six was defeated by Setrakus Ra after he disabled her Legacies. He then paralysed her, covered her in granite, and suspended her from the ceiling of the cavern. In the meantime, the other five known Garde members (John, Marina, Eight, Nine, and Ella) met up and entered the Mogadorian base. John found Sarah held captive within the base and took her with them into the cavern where Six was trapped. During an ensuing battle, Six was rescued, as Four obtained a new Legacy of healing, Eight was almost killed and every Mogadorian including Setrakus Ra disappeared. The book ends with every Garde member being together escaping the base, excluding Number Five, and Six vowing that Setrakus Ra will not get away from them the next time.

The book was published in the United States on August 21, 2012, by HarperCollins and in the United Kingdom on August 30, 2012, through Penguin Books.[4]

The Fall of Five[edit]

Main article: The Fall of Five

The Fall of Five, the 4th book of The Lorien Legacies, was released on August 27, 2013. Once again told in the first person perspective, it moves between Sam Goode, John (Four) and Marina (Seven).

The novel opens with Sam's imprisonment in New Mexico by the Mogadorians. Sam is being held incommunicado except for Mogadorian guards and fed a daily diet of stale cheese sandwiches and dirty water. Through a flashback, we learn that Sam was transported to New Mexico by human co-conspirators of the Mogadorians shortly after the battle in New Mexico. Before he was moved, he was tortured by the Mogadorian leader Setrakus Ra while suspended via chains from the ceiling. An acidic black goo crawls down the chains and burns Sam's wrists, a pain only relieved by being touched by Ra's oddly shaped golden cane. Sam fortunately does not know much, as he was the only one who had Six's plan post-West Virginia in a letter that was seized by the Mogs.

After the flashback, the base is attacked by the Garde, as related in the end of the third book. However, it is not the Garde that discover Sam, but surprisingly his long missing father. In a further twist, we discover that Malcolm Goode is accompanied by Adam, a good Mog teenager with legacies. Adam is able to cause localized earthquakes, an effect he uses to break the back of Sam's cell, allowing Malcolm and Sam to escape. Apparently Malcolm and Adam, having learned where Sam was being kept, decided to attack at the same time as the Garde. Adam stays behind to cover their exit. Sam and Malcolm sneak out during the chaos unnoticed by both the Mogs and the Garde.

Next, Four (John) begins to narrate and takes up the story with the remaining Garde (Four, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten) plus Bernie Kosar (BK) plus Sarah all safely at Nine's penthouse apartment in Chicago. Initially aimless while healing, John is struggling to determine what next step to take. Ten (Ella) has been having nightmares, similar to the nightmares shared by John and Nine prior to going to New Mexico. John discusses the dreams with Ella. During the conversation John recalls how Ella hurt Ra by throwing a glowing piece of metal at him and speculates that it might be a new legacy developing for her. He attempts to get her to practice, but she resists, declaring it "wrong." She relates the dream is of the fight with Ra, except in this version Ra realizes who Ella is and kneels before her, asking if she has read the letter. She tells John she knows of no letter and the conversation ends. After a short detour for Sarah and Six having target practice, we then discover via an old scanning program written by Nine's cepan that the Loric symbol for "five" has been burned into crops in South Carolina. Five next leaves a message on the Internet, in spite of the fact that the Mogadorians regularly monitor it. After discussion and fearful for the safety of the missing member of the Garde, John, Six, Sarah and BK leave for Arkansas to meet with Five before the Mogadorians arrive.

Marina (Seven) takes over narration duties next after the away team departs. After nudging Ella to read the letter her cepan left her, she leaves the penthouse with Eight to go sightseeing. Scolded by Nine on their return, they agree to train with him and thereby sharpen their skills. At the culmination of this fight, Ella returns having read the letter from her cepan. It reveals that unlike the other Loric, she is not to become one of the elders. Instead, her father comes from the family that once held the position of the tenth elder, but which had it taken away. Her escape from Lorien was a fluke, a byproduct of her father's fascination with artifacts. He loaded her, her cepan and his menagerie of chimaera onto an old, fuel-powered ship and sent it off planet. He stayed with her mother, who was Garde, to defend the planet, and fell with it. Ella's initial shock at this revelation makes her feel a fraud, but the other Garde reassure her and she decides to stay.

John takes over narration again as the away team is driving to retrieve Five. On the way, John and Six resolve their tension over the kiss they shared in book two. After this, they go on to meet five, who is waiting to meet them. On arrival they discover Five is ignorant of the danger he created with the crop circle and the Internet message. Five wishes he could meet all of the Garde together and his mind is "officially blown" when he meets Sarah, their human ally. Just then they are attacked by the Mogadorians, who arrive in a cloaked ship. Five does not participate in the battle, and appears shell-shocked at what he says is his first time seeing Mogadorians. Five demonstrates his legacy, Externa, that allows him to take on the properties of things he touches. Six uses her weather powers to cause the ship to crash, and Sarah, Four and Six mop up the Mogadorians. Just as they think they have won, a new monster—much larger than the piken—appears, chasing Six, It is a centipede the size of a tanker truck, covered in cracked and leathery skin with hundreds of tin arms. John remembers creatures like this caged in West Virginia. Five then demonstrates his power of flight, and John climbs on his back above the monster and uses his lumen-powered fireballs to attack the creature. John falls off of Five and leads in front of the create. Just as he is about to be eaten, a red dot appears on the creatures massive single eye and then a rifle shot blows that orb apart in a grisly fashion. John kills the creature, and turns to discover he has been rescued by Sam's father, with Sam in tow.

With Sam, Sarah, John and Six reunited, and accompanied by Malcolm and Five, they return to the penthouse to meet up with Marina, Eight, Nine and Ella. Sam takes up narration duties just in time to be hugged by Six and overwhelmed by it. Five continues to be both clueless and churlish, culminating in an evening where each of the Garde tell their stories. Five says he lived on the islands with his cepan and remained hidden until his cepan took ill. Five didn't believe he really was Lorien until he started to develop legacies. After his legacies had come in fully, he fulfilled his cepan's dying wish and went to the US to join with the other Garde. After this story, Malcolm tells his own, about meeting Pitticus Lore. Struggling to undo the effects of the Mogadorian torture that left holes in his memory, Malcolm reveals that each chest holds a key to contact Lorien again. Malcolm also reveals that there are two kinds of Mogadorians—the disposable vatborn, and the more rare trueborn that form the ruling class. He also revealed Adam—a trueborn son of a Mogadorian general—had One's memories downloaded into him, which caused him to rebel. Malcolm also revealed Adam's abilities were a "gift from the Lorien." They theorize that One gave her legacies to Adam. John declares that they will seek out Adam if he is still alive. Five expresses suspicion about the humans, given how many stories of human collaborators he has heard and their recent contacts with the Mogadorians, but John stands him down.

More time passes—and several narrative switches. Five continues to be churlish and flips to steel to break Nine's hands in response to Nine's constant bullying. Bernie Kosar goes nuts over an antler artifact from a chest, trying to use it to call the other chimaera. A capture the flag game ensues in the newly restored training room where Marina wins the day. John and Sarah go out on a date to the zoo and discover three Mogadorian spies collecting an envelope, filled with notes unhelpful written in Mogadorian. Malcolm whips up a translator to figure out what was said. Sam attempts to ask Six out, but is interrupted by Eight, who claims there is an emergency. The emergency is that Ella's bad dreams have gotten worse. John touches her to try to wake her up and is sucked in, falling into a coma-like state. Urged on in part by Five's story of a healing prism in his lost chest, the rest of the group go off to get that chest to help their friends.

While gone, the wheels start to come off the Garde's security. First, the translation software determines the encoded notes were none other than Malcolm's notes on the Garde legacies. Is the damage to his memory so bad that he has been turned into a double agent? While Sam has his doubts, Malcolm consents to be willingly locked up. Then the long dead disposible cell phone that connects Malcolm to Adam rings, Sam answers and is warned by Adam that the Mogadorians are coming to raid their safehouse in the penthouse of the John Hancock building. Basically, the final act has been set up.

In Florida, Five, Six, Seven, Eight and Nine arrive and acquire a fanboat to go pick up Five's chest. Five flies up to get an aerial view, but fails to return with his chest, instead saying the group should go there together. Just as Five pulls his chest out of the mud, the group is attacked by a three-headed monstrosity initially mistake for three alligator heads. At one point the narrator sees the letter "S" carved in the creatures foot, like a signature. While the group struggles with the creature, Five retrieves a glove with a retractable blade and a pan flute from his chest. He plays the flute and the creature subsides. When asked if he can put the creature out of its misery, Five says gladly, saying he made the creature. The "S" is an upside down 5! Without warning, he strikes Six in the head and keeps Marina back with telekinesis. He then starts to strangle Nine with his rubberized, stretching body and drowns him. He then declares to Seven and Eight that "they should talk."

Meanwhile, back at the penthouse, Mogadorians land on the roof and rappel into the penthouse. Sam notes it is a relatively small force, as if they were not expecting much resistance. Like the didn't expect the comatose Garde to be guarded by their human allies. Bernie Kosar gives them a good fight of it. Malcolm aides Bernie Kosar while Sarah and Sam go to get weapons. More Mogadorians come in, and Sam baits them into the training room by declaring that the girl they are looking for—Ella—is this way. He then turns on the newly restored training software to "insanity" and watches as the room deals with the Mogadorians. Sarah and Sam shoot the stunned Mogadorians and then rejoin Bernie Kosar. They hear wave two getting ready to come and attack. Bernie Kosar tries to hold them off, but Sam discovers his dying father and is unwilling to leave him. They are surrounded by Mogadorians and things look bleak.

Back in the swamp, Five reveals he is working with the Mogadorians. He was discovered six months after coming to the planet after his cepan took ill. He refers to Setrakus Ra as the Beloved Leader and says that after Seven and Eight read the Good Book, they will know it is their destiny to work with the Mogadorians to conquer the universe. Five also reveals he has been playing weak, and when Eight attempts to menace him, he sics the mutant alligator creature on him again. Five appears in control, but just like in capture the flag, Marina proves she can surprise her opponents. She uses telekinesis to remove the objects Five uses to power his legacy. In frustration, Five lunges at Nine with his blade glove, only to be stopped by Eight, who has teleported between them. The blade kills Eight instantly.

Eight's death triggers another leg scar, which causes John to wake up from his nightmare. In the nightmare, he saw Ella declared heir to Setrakus Ra, Sam and Six brought before the throne to be killed, and Five in the service of Ra, short an eye. In the swamp, Marina masters he new ice legacy, defeating Five and taking his eye for real. Six recovers thanks to her help, and the three escape Five and his Mogadorian backups by using her invisibility. John, now awake, is forced to choose between saving Malcolm or recovering Ella, who has been captured. Because of the vision he saw, he decides to save Malcolm to prevent Sam from seeming so beaten and he knows that Ella will not be harmed. After healing Malcolm, Sarah, Sam and Malcolm escape while John stays behind to find Bernie Kosar and pick up the chests. While he is there, a lone Mogadorian arrives—Adam. After a skirmish, they establish each other's bona fides and John accepts Adam's offer of help.

The Revenge of Seven[edit]

The book is narrated in first person, with Number Four (John), Number Six, and Ella as narrators.

Ella wakes up in a strange place. She sees Mogadorians and tries to escape using the Great Book as a weapon. She realizes that she is in a spaceship. Setràkus Ra claims to be her grandfather. He tries to force her to eat and tells her that he used to be an Elder and that he experimented with altering genetics. He also tells her about how Lorien was controlling everything, and he rivaled it. Then, he puts a binding charm over himself and Ella. The Mogadorians try to force Ella to read the Great Book by blasting an alarm at her whenever she doesn't. Ella rips the book apart. Setrákus Ra talks to her, mentioning her "betrothed". Eventually he arrives. Ella is disgusted to note that she is betrothed to the treacherous Number Five. She finds out that Five killed Eight, and is even more upset. Setrákus Ra trains Ella to use her Legacy Dreynen, using Five as the equivalent of a punching bag. She apologizes to him later telepathically. He responds that he deserved it and that they need to escape. Ella wakes up later to find Five talking about how Mogadorians were bad. She and Five decide to escape. She finds out that Five was not aware of their betrothal either. Setrákus Ra catches them. Five stabs Setrákus Ra and the blow injures Ella. She loses consciousness.

Ella wakes up dressed formally for the invasion, with a Mogadorian injection of something disgusting where she was stabbed. Setrákus Ra forces her to get up. She sees a message from Phiri Dun-Ra saying that the Garde are at the Sanctuary. Ella accompanies Setrákus Ra to greet the humans. She sees Number Nine and tells him telepathically to break Ra`s staff. She witnesses Ra talking about how the faithful humans will greet him, and then a human leader denying what he said. She realizes that Number Four is there too. Nine breaks Setrákus Ra`s staff, and Ra reverts from his human form to the repulsive genetically-modified Mogadorian one. Ra uses Dreynen when Number Four attacks. Ella stabs Setrákus Ra in the leg and realizes that she is the only one who can kill him. He would have killed her, but Four prevented it. Five stops Four from stabbing Setrákus Ra and killing Ella. They fight. Nine attacks Setrákus Ra but Five stops him from killing Ra also. They fight. Ella is dragged back onto the ship, half-conscious, her fate not known.

Number Four, Sam, Sarah, Malcolm, and Adam, as well as a bunch of Chimærae are staying in an abandoned textile factory. They figure out that the surviving Garde are in Florida, except for one of them, who`s dot on the tablet is bouncing everywhere. But Adam suggests going to Ashwood Estates instead of predictably going to Florida. The others agree, Four with a bit of persuasion required. They find a website titled They Walk Among Us with information about the Mogadorians and Sarah goes to meet Mark James. Malcolm, Four, Sam, and most of the Chimærae go to Ashwood Estates. The Chimærae carry cameras. They survey Mogs carrying equipment, and kill them. Adam admits that the General residing at the Estates is his father. Four atacks him, and his shield bracelet is broken. The Chimærae also attack. The General and Four wrestle. Adam stabs his father through the back. They observe the decomposition of the General`s augmented parts. Adam takes up his father`s old sword. They stay at the Estates. Adam uses Mogadorian surveillance to see Seven, Six, and Nine break into the base. Adam hacks a ship and uses its guns to kill all of the Mogadorians.

Number Six, Number Seven, and Number Nine are trying to escape the swamp. They find a form of town and see that the Chicago penthouse was destroyed. Marina finds a man who claims that there is an old NASA base in the swamp with UFOs flying around it. She believes that Eight`s body is there and decides to have the man lead them there. Nine and Six agree. Marina tells Six that she can feel Eight somewhere. They see Mogadorians from their boat and kill them. The man who was leading them is frightened and flees the boat. Nine, Seven, and Six find a huge Mogadorian base. They turn invisible and enter it. Nine uses his animal telepathy to tell a beast controlled by the Mogadorians to cause a distraction. It obliges but is killed. But they make it into a greenhouse. They find Number Five lurking, as well as Number Eight`s body. Five stabs a Mogadorian telling him to bring Eight`s body to a ship. Six, Seven, and Nine are left with Eight`s body. Nine apologizes out loud. Marina says that she forgives him and they hug. A huge Mogadorian ship appears in the doorway and kills all of the Mogadorians. They hear Number Four`s voice coming out of the ship and board it. Six "pilots" it to Ashwood Estates, with Adam`s instruction. Six and Sam kiss.

Shortly after Seven, Six, and Nine come to Ashwood Estates, Agent Walker and some FBI people arrive. They have realized that the Mogadorians are villainous and want to help the Garde. They have seen what happens when someone stops taking the Mogadorian augmentations and they tell the Garde about the plan of the Mogadorians. And that their plan is to assassinate the secretary of defense, Bud Sanderson, who was working for the Mogadorians. They believe that his assassination will help stop Setrákus Ra`s invasion plan. The next day, Malcolm gathers footage of his mind being dredged. He shows them what he said, that Lorien is not a planet, but an entity, and that it can be awoken in Earth when their Inheritances are put in Calakmul. Four, Sam, and Nine decide to proceed with Walker`s plan and go to New York. Marina, Six, and Adam decide to go to Calakmul.

Marina, Six, and Adam decide to go to Calakmul. They collect much of the Inheritances to "commit to the earth" and also bring Henri`s ashes and Eight`s body. On the plane, Marina is hostile toward Adam. And then she finds out that he killed his Mogadorian father, and stops. They find a Mogadorian ship trying to contact them. Adam acts authoritative and their ship is allowed entry. When they leave the ship, Phiri Dun-Ra pretends to bargain with him, but hits him on the head. Six and Seven kill the Mogadorians, except for Phiri Dun-Ra. Six, Seven, and Adam pass through a force field and climb. They open a door with three pendants and are transported to a place with Loralite everywhere. They see a cylinder in the ground that looks like a well. They dump the contents of the Chests, their pendants, and Henri`s ashes down it. Eight`s body reanimates. But it isn`t him. It`s Lorien speaking. It speaks cryptically and annoys Six, but it temporarily resurrects Eight. He kisses Marina one last time before disappearing again. But they find out that the Lorien entity is spreading.

Sam, Four, Nine, and Walker are driving. On the way, Nine tries to interrogate Sam about Six. Four stops him. Nine claps, wearing a pair of gloves from Marina`s Chest, and generates a huge noise. The Mogadorians, of course, find them and attack. The heroes are trying to get bystanders to flee. One bystander takes a video of Four using his healing power. They enter the hotel where Sanderson is staying. And they see Sanderson. He looks awful and has clearly been taking Mogadorian augmentations. He says that it is too late and then shoots himself in the head. Four somehow stops the bullet with telekinesis and heals him. Sanderson tells them that it is too late to prevent the invasion. A spaceship comes. Sanderson gives Walker names of politicians working for the Mogadorians. They arrive at Setrákus Ra`s planned invasion site. Nine breaks Setrákus Ra`s staff, and Ra reverts from his human form to the repulsive genetically-modified Mogadorian one. Ra uses Dreynen when Number Four attacks. Ella stabs Ra. He would have killed her, but Four prevented it. Five stops Four from stabbing Setrákus Ra and killing Ella. Four and Five fight, but Five tells Four about the charm on Ella. They see Nine about to stab Ra. Five stops him too. Five and Nine fight. Four prevents a wave of bullets from hitting Ra and Ra drags Ella back onto his ship. The warship starts to fire. Sam and Four were separated from everyone else except for a group of human survivors. A piken was after them. It was knocked down with telekinetic force. Number Four didn`t do it. The implication is that Sam did.

The Fate of Ten[edit]

The Fate of Ten is the 6th book in the series, and is set for release September 1, 2015. Its title was revealed on the 23rd of January via the Facebook page for the series.[5] It was also revealed that there will be seven books in the series, rather than the previously believed 6. The seventh book is not yet named.

Hidden Text Speculation[edit]

Three chapters of The Fall of Five were released on July 23, 2013 to coincide with the release of The Forgotten Ones.[6] In the PDF file, there were sentences from I Am Number Four and disassociated words in Hidden text, leading to speculation about possible hidden messages.[7]

The Lost Files: Supplemental Books[edit]

[8][9][10] [11]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Legacies[edit]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Legacies, was released on July 24, 2012. It is a paperback edition of the three previously released Lost Files novellas—Six’s Legacy, Nine’s Legacy, and The Fallen Legacies. Originally published as individual e-books, this was the first time they were available in print. All the included stories can be found under these names: I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Six's Legacy, --- I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Nine's Legacy, --- I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Fallen Legacies. [12]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Six’s Legacy[edit]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Six’s Legacy was released on July 26, 2011. It is told from the first person perspective of Pittacus Lore's character, Six. Before she met John in Paradise, Ohio she lived with her Cepan Katarina. Katarina protected Six. Then they were captured by the mogadorians. Katarina was killed. While in prison Six developed her legacy of invisibility and uses it to escape. Before leaving however she takes revenge on the mogodorian who killed Katarina. After a while she hears of strange things in Ohio and jumps a bus there.[13]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Nine's Legacy[edit]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Nine's Legacy was released on February 28, 2012. It is told from the first person perspective of Pittacus Lore's character, Nine. Nine and his cepan, Sandor live in a penthouse on top of the John Hancock Center. Nine meets a girl and starts to like her. Then he realizes she is a trap. The mogadorians have used her to get to him. They were holding her family captive and she was forced to help them. The mogadorians torture Sandor but Nine doesn't give any information Eventually Nine kills him to put him out of his misery. Nine is held in the West Virginia Mog compound until he's rescued by John. [14]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Fallen Legacies[edit]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Fallen Legacies was released on July 24, 2012. It is told from the first person perspective of Adamus Sutekh, a mogadorian general's son. The book starts with in front of the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. Adam and his adopted brother Ivan are doing homework. Then Adam and Ivan are called by their father. The mogadorians have found a lead on Number One. Adam and Ivan accompany their father to Malaysia to kill Number One. A vat born soldier (a mogadorian soldier grown through genetic engineering) kills Number One right as she develops the legacy to create earthquakes. Once back at Ashwood Estates, a mogadorian compound, Adam is asked by his father to be hooked up to a special machine that is connected to One's body. He falls asleep. In his deep sleep he meets the ghost of One. One takes him through her life on Earth up until she is killed and tries to see doubt in mogadorian progress. When Adam awakes it has been three years. Adam can't believe he's been asleep that long. But, he is just in time to accompany his father and Ivan on a mission to find Number Two. Adam gets to the apartment where she's staying first. He tells her he's there to help. Just then Ivan arrives. He thinks Adam is trying to trick the Garde and kills her himself. After however Adam deletes a post that Number Two was using to try and contact the other Loriens. Time passes and Number Three is located. The mogs proceed to Kenya to find him. Adam and Ivan meet a boy named Hannu. He is Number Three. Adam tries to warn him but is too late. His father kills Three. The book ends when Adam falls down a ravine. [15]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Secret Histories[edit]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Secret Histories was released on July 23, 2013. I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Secret Histories refers to the second compilation of Lost Files in a paperback book. I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Secret Histories is a collection of three novellas. Originally published as e-novellas, they are now together in one print volume.

The entire book contains three separate stories: I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Search for Sam --- I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Last Days of Lorien --- I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Forgotten Ones [16]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Search for Sam[edit]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Search for Sam, was released on December 26, 2012. It is told from the first person perspective of Adamus Sutekh. It picks up where I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Fallen Legacies left off. [17]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Last Days of Lorien[edit]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Last Days of Lorien was released on April 9, 2013. Harpercollins describes it as a "stunning prequel novella to the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series". It is set on Lorien before it was attacked by the Mogadorians, and is told from the perspective of Sandor (Nine's Cêpan). [18]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Forgotten Ones[edit]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Forgotten Ones was released on July 23, 2013. It is told from the first person perspective of Adamus Sutekh. It is the third and final of Pittacus Lore's novellas told by the son of a mogadorian general turned to the Loric side. [19]

I Am Number Four: Eight's Origin - Lost Files Bonus[edit]

A look into Number Eight's past is shown here.[20] Not actually a book, but 11 pages of backstory into Number Eight's past, and where he was before he met the rest of the Loric.

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Hidden Enemy[edit]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Hidden Enemy was released on July 22, 2014 in the US and August 14, 2014 in the UK. I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Hidden Enemy refers to the third compilation of Lost Files in a paperback book. I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Hidden Enemy is a collection of three novellas. Originally published as e-novellas, they are now together in one print volume.[21]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Five's Legacy[edit]

The seventh Lost Files book, initially scheduled to be released on December 23, 2013, was released as an E-Book on February 11, 2014. Called "Five's Legacy," the novella centers around the origins of Number Five, including the short amount of time he spent with his Cepan, Rey, and his eventual "capture" by Mogadorians.[22]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Return to Paradise[edit]

In this thrilling one-hundred-page prequel companion novella, discover what happened in the aftermath of the Mogadorians’ attack on Paradise, Ohio, from Mark James—Number Four’s bully-turned-ally.

After Four leaves town to find the rest of the Garde, Mark is left behind to pick up the pieces. His school has been destroyed, his home burned down, and, worst yet, Mark now knows the horrifying truth: aliens live among us and some of them seek to destroy us. Even with the FBI tailing him and Sarah Hart, Mark tries to return to a normal life. But when Sarah goes missing, he knows he can no longer sit back and do nothing. His quest to find her will lead him to new allies and a startling revelation about the Mogadorians’ plan for invasion. Its release date was April 15, 2014 exclusively as an e-Book.[23]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Five's Betrayal[edit]

In this explosive one-hundred-page prequel companion novella, uncover the truth behind Number Five’s unknown history with the Mogadorians.

This sequel to I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Five’s Legacy finds Number Five entering the ranks of the Mogadorian army. The Mogs have convinced him that they will be the victor in their war for Earth, and Five decides he would rather be on the winning side. Realizing that the only thing that matters is his survival, Five allies himself with the sworn enemies of the Lorien and pledges to help the Mogs take down the very people he was meant to protect. Is he too far gone to be saved? Discover how Five became one of Earth’s and Lorien’s most dangerous adversaries and decide for yourself. Its release date was July 22, 2014[24]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Rebel Allies[edit]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Fugitive[edit]

In this exhilarating one-hundred-page companion novella to the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series, Mark James is on the run—and on the wrong side of the law—but he'll do whatever it takes to save Sarah Hart and help the Garde.

A sequel to I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Return to Paradise, this novella picks up with Mark racing to Dulce, New Mexico, evading capture from both the Mogadorians and the FBI. On the road, his mysterious new ally—a fellow blogger from They Walk Among Us who Mark knows only by the screen name GUARD—sends him a care package to help in his quest to find Sarah. Inside is a stack of cash, high-tech equipment, and some seriously advanced weaponry, all begging Mark to once again ask the question: Just who exactly is this guy? As Mark gets closer to tracking down Sarah, he also gets closer to discovering the identity of this enigmatic figure who seems to know so much about the Loric. When the truth about GUARD is finally revealed, nothing will ever be the same.[25]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Navigator[edit]

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Guard[edit]


See: List of Lorien Legacies characters

Critical reception[edit]

Reception to the series has been mostly positive.[26][27][28] The first two books, I Am Number Four and The Power of Six, both reached #1 on The New York Times Best Seller list, collectively spending ten weeks in the top spot.[29]

Film adaptation[edit]

In 2009 DreamWorks Pictures bought the rights to I Am Number Four and released the movie on February 18, 2011. The movie was the first DreamWorks film to be distributed by Disney's Touchstone Pictures and received generally negative reviews from critics, with review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes giving a score of 32% based on 156 reviews.[30] The movie had a world-wide gross of $145,982,798 and a budget of $50 million, but still fell short of expectations.[31]

Plans for any future installments for the series have been shelved.[32] Director D. J. Caruso confirmed that he would like to direct a sequel, but in an interview with MTV Hollywood Crush Lore has stated that any questions or requests for a sequel should be directed to producer Michael Bay.[33][34]


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