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Los Angeles County Raceway (or "LACR") was a motorsport facility in Southern California. LACR's main feature was its 1/4 mile dragstrip, which was first opened in 1964. LACR held its final event on July 29, 2007. The land under the track is owned by Granite Construction, Inc.

Los Angeles County Raceway

The official Los Angeles County Raceway logo

Facility statistics
Track Name: Los Angeles County Raceway
Nickname(s): LACR, the "Ice Rink", Palmdale Dragstrip
Location: 6850 East Avenue T, Palmdale, CA 93550
Opened: Oct. 1964. Formerly King’s
Antelope Valley Raceway and
Palmdale International Raceway.
Became Los Angeles County Raceway (LACR) in 1980.
Closed: July 29, 2007
Owned by: Privately owned since 1964.
Sanctioning body: NHRA
Radio Station: 91.9 FM
Main Sponsors: Coors Light, NAPA Auto Parts
Track Type: Dragstripmoto cross, Hollywood stunt school
Track Elevation: 2,710 ft (830 m).
Track Length: 1/4 Mile (1320 ft),
Plus a 1/2 mile shutoff area
Track Width: 60 ft (18 m).
Pavement Type: Asphalt and concete
Seating Capacity: +6,500
Timing System: Chrondek
Total Land Area: +60 Acres
Parking Lot Area: 250,000 sq ft (23,000 m2).
Pit Area/Staging Area: 600,000 sq ft (56,000 m2).

General information[edit]

Los Angeles County Raceway was an NHRA sanctioned quarter-mile drag strip located near East Avenue T and 70th street east in Palmdale, California. “LACR” was home to many racing organizations such as SCEDA, NMRA, DHRA, ANRA, and practically every NHRA racing category. “LACR” was home to the annual Hangover Nationals, Fox Hunt, Rat Fink Party, and Toys For Tots. LACR was open every Wednesday and Friday night to any racer ranging from dragsters to street cars. LACR held its final race on the last weekend of July, 2007, due to Granite Construction’s ability to overtake the land they had leased to the raceway to use for mining.

Closing of LACR[edit]

LACR closed its doors forever on July 29, 2007. This was the end of an era in Drag Racing history. After 43 years the mining company next door "Granite Construction", who leased the mineral rights to the property that was leased to LACR, shut down LACR in order for mining. Within 3 months of LACR closing its doors, every building on the property had been demolished, more than half the parking lot was mined, and no pavement remained.

LACR in Popular Culture[edit]

  • Los Angeles County Raceway has been seen in numerous movies and television shows. Recent Hollywood movies featuring LACR include The Fast and the Furious and Ocean's Eleven.
  • The Mariah Carey music video "Loverboy" was filmed at LACR.
  • Mass media corporation, Primedia, has many of its automotive magazines based out of their Los Angeles branch. Because of LACR's closeness to Los Angeles, many of these publications use Los Angeles County Raceway to perform comparison tests and to record performance data. Some of the Magazines that frequent LACR include: Hot Rod Magazine; Four Wheeler, Sport Truck, Turbo, Car Craft Magazine; Chevy High Performance; 5.0 Mustang Magazine; Mustang Monthly Magazine; Motorcyclist Magazine (ALL of their 1/4 mile data recorded at LACR). Although separate from Primedia, Car and Driver magazine also stages many of its comparison tests at Los Angeles County Raceway (acceleration data) as well as neighboring Willow Springs Raceway (handling data).
  • LACR's list of films, videos, television shows, and magazines that use Los Angeles County Raceway.

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