Louisiana gubernatorial election, 1936

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Louisiana Democratic gubernatorial primary, 1936
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January 21, 1936 → 1940

  Gov Richard Leche.jpg
Nominee Richard W. Leche Cleveland Dear
Party Democratic Democratic
Popular vote 362,502 176,150
Percentage 67.08% 32.60%

Governor before election

James A. Noe

Elected Governor

Richard W. Leche

The Louisiana gubernatorial election of 1936 was held on January 21, 1936. Like most Southern states between Reconstruction and the civil rights era, Louisiana's Republican Party was virtually nonexistent in terms of electoral support. This meant that the Democratic Party primary held on this date was the real contest over who would be governor. The election resulted in the victory of Richard W. Leche of New Orleans as governor. Leche was supported by the Longite faction of the party and Cleveland Dear of Alexandria by the anti-Longs' "Home Rule" ticket. State Representative Mason Spencer of Tallulah dropped out of the race and endorsed Dear, but the ballots had already been printed, and he received nearly two thousand votes.


Democratic Party Primary, January 21

Candidate Votes received Percent
Richard W. Leche 362,502 67.08%
Cleveland Dear 176,150 32.60%
Leonard Mason Spencer 1,718 0.32%

Preceded by
1932 gubernatorial election
Louisiana gubernatorial elections Succeeded by
1940 gubernatorial election


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