Lupus pernio

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Lupus pernio
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Lupus pernio 01.jpg
Cutaneous lesions of sarcoidosis (lupus pernio). Red-to-purple indurated plaques and nodules affecting the nose and cheeks.
ICD-10 D86.3 (ILDS D86.340)
ICD-9 135

Lupus pernio is a chronic raised indurated (hardened) lesion of the skin, often purplish in color. It resembles frostbite as it is seen on ears, cheeks, lips, nose, hands, fingers and forehead. It is pathognomonic of sarcoidosis.[1]:709 The name "lupus pernio" is a misnomer, as microscopically this disease shows granulomatous infiltration and does not have features of either lupus or pernio.[2]

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