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Lyn Andrews is the nom de plume used by British novelist Lynda M Andrews.


Lyn Andrews is a British novelist and author whose stories centre mainly around Liverpool and Ireland.

She was born and raised in Liverpool which serves as the inspiration for her novels. She is the daughter of a hairdresser and a police officer. She was educated at the Convent of Notre Dame where she did not excel at English but had a passion for history and literature. After graduating she became a secretary and married her husband, a policeman. She took some time off from her writing career after having triplets, a daughter and two sons. She raised her family and continued to publish novels after an eight-year break.

Currently Lyn is one of the top one hundred bestselling authors in the UK, reaching No. 1 on the Sunday Times paperback best-seller list.In 1993 was shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the year Award, to date she has written thirty-one original novels and is a popular novelist in the North of England. She now divides her time between Merseyside and Ireland where she has lived for several years.


  • The White Empress (1989)
  • The Sisters O'Donnell (1990)
  • Liverpool Lou (1991)
  • Ellan Vannin (1991)
  • The Leaving of Liverpool (1992)
  • Maggie May (1993)
  • Mist Over the Mersey (1994)
  • Mersey Blues (1995)
  • Liverpool Lamplight (1996)
  • Liverpool Songbird (1996)
  • From This Day Forth (1997)
  • Where the Mersey Flows (1997)
  • Angels of Mercy (1998)
  • When Tomorrow Dawns (1998)
  • The Ties That Bind (1999)
  • Take These Broken Wings (1999)
  • My Sister's Child (2000)
  • The House on Lonely Street (2001)
  • Love and a Promise (2002)
  • A Wing and a Prayer (2002)
  • When Daylight Comes (2003)
  • Across a Summer Sea (2003)
  • A Mother's Love (2004)
  • Every Mother's Son (2005)
  • Friends Forever (2005)
  • Far from Home (2006)
  • Days of Hope (2008)
  • A Daughter's Journey (2008)
  • A Secret in the Family (2009)
  • To Love and to Cherish (2010)
  • Beyond a Misty Shore (2011)



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