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Original author(s) Dario Bini and Giuseppe Fiorentino
Stable release Version 2.2 / May 2001
Written in C
Operating system linux
Platform PC
Available in English
Type mathematical software
License Custom licence (semi-free)
Website home page

MPSolve (Multiprecision Polynomial Solver) is a package for the approximation of the roots of a univariate polynomial. It uses the Aberth method.[1]

"Mpsolve takes advantage of sparsity, and has special hooks for polynomials that can be evaluated efficiently by straight-line programs"[2]


The program is written in ANSI C and makes use of the GNU Multi-Precision Library. It uses command line interface (CLI).


The executable program of the package is called unisolve (univariate polynomial solver). It can be run from command line in console.


Typically output will be on the screen. It may also be saved the to the text file (with res extension) and plotted in gnuplot.

This file shows centers of hyperbolic components of mandelbrot set for period 10 ( and its divisors). It is made with gnuplot. Centers are computed with MPSolve.


  1. ^ "Design, Analysis, and Implementation of a Multiprecision Polynomial Rootfinder" by D. A. Bini and G. Fiorentino published in Numerical Algorithms, Volume 23 (2000), pages 127-173
  2. ^ Comparison of performance of MPSolve and Eigensolve by Steven Fortune

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