Machines (EP)

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EP by Manfred Mann
Released 1966
Genre Rock & Roll
Language English
Label His Master's Voice-EMI
Producer John Burgess
cover by Flair Photography

Machines is an EP by Manfred Mann, released in 1966. The EP is a 7-inch vinyl record and released in mono with the catalogue number His Master's Voice-EMI 7EG 8942. The record was the number 1 EP in the UK number-one EP for 1 week, starting May 28, 1966.

Track listing[edit]

Side 1

1. Machines (Shuman)
2. She Needs Company (Jones)

Side 2

1. Tennessee Waltz (Stewart)
2. When Will I Be Loved (Everly)


For this EP, Manfred Mann's third and last number 1 EP, they chose several non R & B songs to cover including Tennessee Waltz, the best-known version being by Patti Page and the Everly Brothers When Will I be Loved.

Chart performance[edit]

The record reached the Number 1 spot on the UK's EP charts on May 28, 1966.


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