Maguga Dam

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Maguga Dam
Maguga Dam at Komati River, Swaziland.JPG
Official name Maguga Dam
Location Hhohho, Swaziland
Coordinates 26°04′34″S 31°15′36″E / 26.076°S 31.26°E / -26.076; 31.26Coordinates: 26°04′34″S 31°15′36″E / 26.076°S 31.26°E / -26.076; 31.26
Opening date 2001
Dam and spillways
Type of dam earth-fill/rock-fill
Impounds Komati River
Height 115 m
Creates Maguga Dam Reservoir
Total capacity 332 000 000 m³

The Maguga Dam is a dam on the Komati River in Swaziland. It is 115 metres high and is located 11 kilometres south of Piggs Peak. The dam is located at 26°4′51.57″S 31°15′25.84″E / 26.0809917°S 31.2571778°E / -26.0809917; 31.2571778 and was completed in 2001.

The dam embankment comprises approximately 800 000m3 of clay, 2 800 000m3 of granite rock and 43 000m3 of filter material. It has an overall height of 115 metres, a crest length of 870 metres and a base width of 400 metres.

Because the dam is located within a region influenced by cyclones, it has been designed to withstand a probable maximum flood of 15000 m³/s. The 180m long labyrinth spillway is designed to pass a flood of 7800 m³/s without damage representing a return flood of 200 years.

The Maguga Dam received the South African Institution of Civil Engineering award for most outstanding civil engineering achievement in the International Category for 2001. The Maguga Dam Joint Venture received the South African Association of Consulting Engineers (SAACE) Glenrand MIB Golden Jubilee award in the Technical Excellence Category for 2002.


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