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Efthimios (Makis) Triantafillopoulos (Greek: Μάκης Τριανταφυλλόπουλος) (born 14 August 1954) is a Greek journalist and publisher.[1][2][3] He was, along with Themos Anastasiadis, the editor of the Proto Thema newspaper and host of two television programmes, Zougla and Kitrinos Typos on Alter Channel. He uses his TV programmes to expose major political scandals on television, usually using controversial techniques like hidden cameras. Makis has worked in many of the country's biggest TV channels. Actually he founded his own Sunday-newspaper "VETO" and as owner of "" ( he has the most successful internet-newspaper in Greece.

Some of his exposures include the football scandal of the so-called Paranga, the judicial scandal in 2005 (the so-called Paradikastiko) and the Fakelaki amongst the medicines of the National Healthcare Service (ESY).


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