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Mani (Greek: Μάνη) is a village and a community in the municipality of Didymoteicho in the Evros regional unit, Greece. It is situated near the left bank of the river Erythropotamos, 2 km west of Karoti, 4 km northeast of Kyani and 10 km northwest of Didymoteicho town centre. In 2001 its population was 526 for the village and 757 for the community, which includes the villages Evgeniko and Sitaria. Its elevation is 55 m. The current town of Mani was founded by Maniot Greeks who fought under the King of Greece against the Republic of Turkey and Kemal Atatürk during the 1920s.[citation needed]


Year Population Community population
1991 - 747
2001 526 767

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Coordinates: 41°24′32″N 26°24′07″E / 41.409°N 26.402°E / 41.409; 26.402