Addai II Giwargis

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His Holiness Mar Addai II
ܡܪܝ ܐܕܝ
Religion Ancient Church of the East ܥܕܬܐ ܥܬܝܩܬܐ ܕܡܕܢܚܐ
Nationality Iraqi
Born 1 August 1950
Senior posting
Based in Baghdad, Iraq
Title Catholicos Patriarch of the East
Period in office 1972 Feb. 20 -
Predecessor His Holiness Patriarch Mar Thoma Darmo
Religious career
Ordination St. Zaia Cathedral, Baghdad, Iraq, 1972 Feb. 20
Previouspost Metropolitan
Post 2nd Catholicos-Patriarch of the Ancient Church of the East

Mar Addai II (Syriac: ܡܪܝ ܐܕܝ), born Shlemun Giwargis, (born in Iraq on 1 August 1950, although some sources cite 1946 or 1948) is the incumbent Catholicos Patriarch of the Ancient Church of the East and resides in the Apostolic See of Seleucia-Ctesiphon in Baghdad, Iraq.[1]

He was elected to the position of Catholicos-Patriarch in February 1970, several months after the death of Catholicos-Patriarch Mar Thoma Darmo, and consecrated on 20 February 1972.[2]


  1. ^ St. Mary's Cathedral, the home of His Holiness Mar Addai II, Patriarch of The Ancient Church of the East, was bombed Sunday morning.
  2. ^ History of Eastern Christianity (Malayalam) by Dr.Mar Aphrem Metropolitan. The Theological Literature Council, Thiruvalla, Kerala, India
Preceded by
Thoma Darmo
Catholicos-Patriarch of the Ancient Church of the East
Succeeded by