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Marc Ducret, Moers Festival 2006

Marc Ducret (born April 19, 1957) is a jazz, and avant garde, guitarist, self-taught, who is most well known for his work with saxophonist Tim Berne.[1] Ducret's guitar style is somewhat idiosyncratic, having been called "highly original and very expressive,"[2] but also "Metheny-like." [3]

Selected discography[edit]

As leader

2013 Tower, vol.3 (Ayler Records)
2012 Tower, vol.4 (Ayler Records)
2011 Tower, vol.2 (Ayler Records)
2011 Tower, vol.1 (Ayler Records)
2009 Le sens de la marche (Illusions)
2006 Trio “Live No. 2” (self-produced)
2006 Trio “Live” (self-produced)
2003 Qui parle ? (Sketch)
1999 L'ombra di Verdi (Screwgun)
1998 Un certain malaise (Screwgun)
1997 Détail (Winter & Winter)
1991 News From the Front (JMT, reissued 2004 by Winter & Winter)
1990 Gris (Label Bleu)
1989 Le Kodo (Label Bleu)
1987 La théorie du pilier (Label Bleu)

With Tim Berne

2007 Big Satan: Livein Cognito (Screwgun)
2004 Big Satan: Souls Saved Hear (Screwgun)
2004 Big Satan (Winter & Winter)
2003 Science Friction Live “the sublime and.” (Thirsty Ear)
2002 Science Friction (Screwgun)
2002 The Sevens(New World)
1995 Bloodcount: Memory Select (JMT)
1995 Bloodcount: Poisoned Minds (JMT)
1995 Bloodcount: Lowlife (JMT)
1994 Caos Totale: Nice View (JMT)
1993 Diminutive Mysteries (Mostly Hemphill) (JMT)
1991 Caos Totale: Pace Yourself (JMT)

With Samuel Blaser

2012 As The Sea (Hathut Records)
2011 Boundless (Hathut Records)


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