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Mark Sable
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Mark Sable
Born Mark Sable
Nationality American
Area(s) Writer
Notable works

Mark Sable (born on June 22, 1975 in New York), is an American writer for stage, screen, and comic books.


Sable has a B.A. in English from Duke University, an M.F.A. in Dramatic Writing from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and a J.D from The University of Southern California Law School. He has the distinction of having worked for both Charlie Rose and Howard Stern.

Mark Sable started his comic book career in 2005, writing Grounded for Image Comics. Illustrated by Paul Azaceta, Grounded is a story about a teenager trying to survive high school for superheroes where everyone has powers but him. Originally published as a mini-series, it is available now as a trade paperback. In 2007, Sable followed up Grounded with Fearless, also from Image. Co-written by Dave Roth and Illustrated by P. J. Holden, Fearless tells the story of a vigilante who is addicted to an anti-fear drug, which he needs not only to fight crime, but to function as a human being.

Also in 2007, Sable wrote a webcomic based on the TV show Heroes that ran on NBC's website. Featuring the character Mohinder Suresh, the two-part comic was called "Blackout" and was illustrated by Jason Badower.

Hazed, an original graphic novel, is Sable’s latest work from Image Comics. Illustrated by Robbi Rodriguez, it is a dark comedy chronicling three young girls journey through the world of sororities and eating disorders.

In Summer 2010, Mark Sable's Cyborg: Rage Against The Machine, based on the popular Teen Titans character, will see print from DC Comics. The mini-series will feature art by Ken Lashley and Carlo Magno.

In May 2009 Mark Sable released his comic book series "Unthinkable" from Boom! Studios. In an incident that mirrored the plot of the comic, Sable was briefly detained at Los Angeles International Airport by TSA guards, who found the script for issue 3 of the series to be suspicious.[1]


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