Markus Oehlen

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Markus Oehlen
Born 1956
Krefeld, Germany
Training Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

Markus Oehlen (born in 1956, in Krefeld) is a German artist. Oehlen studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (Alfonso Hüppi). His is formative participant of the German art movement Neue Wilde. He took part at the group exhibition Von hier aus – Zwei Monate neue deutsche Kunst in Düsseldorf in 1984. He exhibited 1993 at The Museum of Modern Art, New York: „Projects 39“ – with Georg Herold.

Oehlen was founding member of the bands Mittagspause, Fehlfarben, Flying Klassenfeind, Vielleichtors, and Van Oehlen. He played with Red Krayola. Since 2002, he is a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. He is the brother of artist, Albert Oehlen.







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