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Marta Randall (born 1948 in Mexico City) is a science fiction writer.

In addition to writing numerous science fiction novels and short fiction, Marta Randall has edited the New Dimensions science fiction anthology series, and Nebula Awards 19.

She has taught science fiction writing at the Clarion East and Clarion West writing workshops, UC Berkeley extension, Portland State University, and at private workshops. From 1981 through 1984, she served first as Vice-President and later the first female President of the Science Fiction Writers of America.



Short stories[edit]

  • Smack Run (1972); New Worlds 5
  • A Scarab in the City of Time (1975); New Dimensions 5
  • Secret Rider (1976); New Dimensions 6
  • The State of the Art on Alyssum (1977); New Dimensions 7
  • The View from Endless Scarp (1978); The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
  • The Captain and the Kid (1979); Universe 9
  • Circus (1980); New Dimensions 10
  • Singles (1981); Shadows 5
  • On Cannon Beach (1984); Asimov's Science Fiction
  • Big Dome (1985); The Planets
  • Sea Changes (1985); Asimov's Science Fiction
  • Lapidary Nights (1987); Universe 17
  • Thank You, Mr. Halifax (1985); Omni Magazine
  • Undeniably Cute: A Cautionary Tale (1986); Asimov's Science Fiction
  • Haunted (1986); The Twilight Zone Magazine
  • Managing Helen (2003); The Readerville Journal
  • The Dark Boy (2007); The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
  • Làzaro y Antonio (2007); The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

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